Business Phone Service

Business Phone System: Top 5 Desk Phone Features

In order to make a business conversion, sales representatives must contact potential customers. If you want to keep business operations running smoothly, managers must interact with team members in person or remotely and the whole team should be active. And, the one-stop solution for this is the cloud-based business phone system. Companies must interact with […]

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Video Conferencing vs face-to-face Which is better

Video Conferencing vs. face-to-face: Which is better?

Introduction: Digitization has changed our work lives so quickly and distinctively. Most of the corporate employees in the world have shifted to work in hybrid schedules. They are splitting their work time between the office and home. An intriguing question arises today from this new dynamic. It is a common question, what’s the best method […]

Better Employee Engagement

Empower Your B2B Sales with Cloud Telephony. Here’s how!

Introduction:  Business-to-business sales probably deal with other businesses as their customers are being served as their unique selling proposition (USP).  To face today’s competition, businesses need to upgrade their communication systems. Cloud-based business phone systems generally known as Cloud telephony have changed the face of communications now. In this blog, we will share with you […]

Call Management

Call Management Software: What is it & what does it do?

Communication is an entity in business operations and both are not the same thing. A fundamental element that strongly connects businesses with their prospects such as customers or stakeholders is effective communication. Obviously, if a company is able to communicate effectively with its customers, it can definitely help in productivity as well as profits. Communication […]

Business Phone Service

Device as a Service (DaaS): The future of business

What exactly is Device as a Service (DaaS)? In the first step, Device as a service (DaaS) is a subscription-based model. It can simultaneously provide businesses with hardware as well as IT support. It can handle device distribution, provisioning, and management for your workforce. DaaS is a solutions provider regardless of location. For example, if […]

Marketing strategies with cloud-based service

5 Ways to Strengthen your Marketing Strategies with Cloud-based Service

The era of information technology has started in the past few decades but it has taken a lead with the introduction of Cloud-based service. Customers and businesses while dealing with them now have different expectations for each other. Today, users demand a different customer experience which needs significant adjustments. Businesses do this by conducting research […]

User Experience in modern business

Why is digital UX (User Experience) essential for modern business?

Introduction: The speed of technological advancement today is very high. And today after the introduction of web 3.0., UI/UX design requirements started. Therefore, from large corporations to small businesses, a number of digital products are emerging. It is the common objective to attract customers’ attention like never before. For that reason, the majority of businesses […]

Mental health awareness at workplace

Why mental health awareness is important in the workplace

It is common that we never discuss mental health awareness and mental illnesses often in the workplace. Because they are difficult and controversial to see. So, it’s important for business leaders and managers to understand how mental health can affect employees and their productivity. Also, they must take the steps to create a Work environment […]

Cloud computing shaping Enterprise communications

How is Cloud Computing Shaping Enterprise Communications?

The emergence of Cloud Computing gave rise to the development of Mobile Integrated Communications. It changed our daily lives. Because of mobility, calls, and texts are now possible on phones. It enables users to access social media, instant messages, and even shop online from the convenience of their homes.  From a corporate standpoint, mobility has […]