Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important In the Workplace

Mental health awareness at workplace

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It is common that we never discuss mental health awareness and mental illnesses often in the workplace. Because they are difficult and controversial to see. So, it’s important for business leaders and managers to understand how mental health can affect employees and their productivity. Also, they must take the steps to create a Work environment that is supportive of mental health.

Additionally, supervisors may definitely feel underqualified or uncomfortable if they have to discuss such sensitive topics. Bet employees frequently discuss mental health and illnesses, especially when they do so, it could have an impact on their employment. Eventually, mental health issues at work are frequently ignored.

What Is the Importance of Employee Mental Health?

Undoubtedly, an organization’s soul is its staff. Therefore, if their health is compromised, the company as a whole would suffer.

  • Health problems like anxiety and depression at work are frequently ignored. However, physical problems don’t behave in the same way. They have very obvious symptoms. Mental health problems are difficult to spot.
  • So, understand that mental and physical health go hand in hand. There is no denying that both are interrelated with one another in a direct way.
  • Whether we like it or not, it is common to experience ups and downs. Hence, we experience stress, anxiety, and depression frequently. Sometimes, we reach the lows which is a point of no return. Additionally, some individuals are confronted with far more severe mental health issues. And, that might lead to eating disorders, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.
  • At such times, businesses ought to have the same objective of keeping an eye on things. Later, they should make the collective mental health of their employees so that they feel supported and safe.
  • Most of the time, employees often avoid discussing mental health because of the impact attached. And, the situation earlier was very different. Previously, there was no official procedure to deal with this particular circumstance.
  • In the old days, the employees used to suffer and remain silent. Therefore, nobody in the past had a thorough understanding of the signs and symptoms of mental health decline.
  • However, it is different today and things have changed in recent times. Nowadays, people are aware that mental health can either keep us going. And, the activity of openly talking about it can be a way to prevent health problems.

Below are some steps organizations must take to assure better mental health awareness at the workplace:

Investment in Employee Mental Health

Companies often think about their own profits. Therefore, it is costly for businesses if they make an attempt to invest in the mental health of their employees. But, there is a huge loss company face every year with regard to productivity due to various mental health conditions. By considering the mental health of employees, employers can increase productivity and employee retention. For this, they have to proactively address mental health issues in the workplace and strategically invest in mental health care for employees.

It is better to conduct training, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), insurance options, and mental health apps are some of the best options to invest in.

Educate your Manager as Well as Employees:

Employee support can rise and have a mental health impact. It can also decrease as a result of increased public awareness of mental health issues. You must understand that there is a great effect on businesses too. It decreases the employees’ reluctance to talk about their struggles. For that, mental health must be an acceptable and significant topic of conversation.

Additionally, the management must instruct supervisors on how to engage in mental health conversations. As per a recent survey, more than half of the respondents were in agreement that their supervisor provides emotional support.  Providing managers with the necessary tools with a supportive dialogue with their employees will help the impacted feel more comfortable.

Mental Health Resources:

It is very difficult for employees to be productive when they have a mental illness. Also, they can’t be able to work in a safe environment. The management has to provide resources and education regarding mental health. One of the effective ways to start promoting resources to employees is to make mental health self-assessment tools easily accessible to them. By doing this, you can highlight assistance options available through insurance.

Being Adaptable:

Employees cannot discuss mental health issues unless they believe their Workplace culture is acceptable and supportive. A culture with supportive supervisors and a safe place to talk openly about mental health will help to feel safe. This encourages the employees to get the help they need to become successful.

How Do you Recognize Mental Health In the Workplace?

Implementing Health Policies:

Stress and burnout are worse if there is a heavy workload and at a place unsafe to work. Therefore, health and safety policies are necessary. The management has to ensure that employees take breaks and are not forced to meet unrealistic deadlines.

Establish a zero-tolerance policy:

Yes! Bullying happens in the office too. According to a survey conducted a few years back, nearly four out of ten employees are experiencing workplace bullying and harassment. It may even include anything from intentional ostracism to physical contact.

Management cannot assume that employees are aware of the support available to them. People are unaware even if your company takes mental health seriously. So, it is necessary to convey the resources and assistance that are available to employees. Share the contact information for an employee assistance program.

Mental health Awareness

What Should an Employee Do In Times of Mental Stress?

So, this is to notice that employees must play an important role in making their needs known to employers. This is how you will beckon your employer to provide mental health awareness and support. Employees can help themselves for better mental health and foster a supportive work environment.

The Employee Must Speak Out:

You should encourage your employers to provide resources and education on mental health awareness. Besides, they must be appropriate for their needs and interests. That is how employees can make a difference. When appropriate, employees can also contribute to reducing the impact by sharing personal experiences with others.

Outside of the organization, it is a very good idea that some employees who are involved in charity and mental health advocacy share their knowledge and resources with their coworkers.

Participate and Offer Support:

Employees must participate in and learn healthy activities in the workplace. By doing this, they can benefit from training on mental health awareness, and it is a positive step for businesses. Also, employees can also work by being more open-minded about their coworkers’ experiences and feelings. They must adopt behaviors that help manage stress and improve mental health.


Let us summarize this now! Every organization will have its unique requirements. As long as employers and employees collaborate in a mutually healthy way, it is possible to devise a customized solution to meet their specific requirements. Organizations and employees can use the actions and resources as a great starting point to have open discussions about mental health. And this is how the whole team will create a culture of support within the workplace.

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Published: January 10th, 2023

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