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Video interactions will make the concept of communication an impactful way. With video Messaging, meetings are held with extraordinary quality the video and overall meetings will have an engaging interface..

  • There is no need to sign up to utilize the services
  • No downloading is required
  • Accessed across multiple devices and supports multiple platforms.


One on one

With a video conferencing feature there will be an opportunity for the teams to have one on one conversations for conducting interviews, general interviews, confidential meetings etc.

Remarkable Assistance

With the help of the screen sharing option, a user and the company personnel can engage without any lag and troubleshoot the issues which are arising and addressed by the customer

Rich in Quality

During the screen sharing process, the entire quality of the video is not at all compromised in terms of its quality and deliverance.

Collaboration Tools

Optimization of Group Chatting

Video Group chats are now hassle-free with durable and reliable built-in options. It allows the users to work seamlessly

Access at Your Own Phase

Accessing to the group chat from anywhere on the globe is most effective and efficient where many individuals can be under one category

Connecting with more powerful tools

Internal and external meetings, conferencing with individuals and many more are awaiting to avail from the group chat.

Online Meetings

Adding more individuals in real time

Add many more individuals to the existing meeting as the meeting is going on

Schedule Meetings

Schedule the participation

Depending upon the requirement and necessity of the resource, one can schedule the participant date and time.

Video Call Quality

Grab the best out of video conferencing

There are many more features to explore in the video conferencing. Explore them.


Vitel Global's Video Meetings

Remote access

Attending the video meetings remotely is a feature which provides the feeling of being anywhere and everywhere

Remote work Tools
Advanced Conference Features
Advanced Features

video meetings can be recorded for future references and this feature allows the user to work seamlessly

Video Call Quality
High Quality of Video

The overall quality of the video is uncompromised during the sessions

Schedule Meetings
Organizing Made Easy

Organizing the video meetings is now done with an ease with Vitel Global's Meetings feature one can access to this feature without any delay

Productive Meetings
Highly Productive

When it comes to the productivity with the engaging feature of the video meetings one can turn any session into engaging and productive one

Online Meetings
Suitable for All

Whether you are planning the meeting for the clients or internal employees anything can be done with basic operations

Schedule Meetings
Scheduling meetings is never a pain

Accessing to the scheduled meetings and planning them for the future is never going to be a complicated one with our Messaging feature

Mobile VoIP
Online Meetings

Grid mode allows you to switch to view

If you are willing to switch to the mode where you would like to see all the participants combined on the screen, then grid mode provides the solution for the same. Also grid mode provides best accessibility for the host to interact with the participants and identifying them individually.

The confusion created between the host and the participants during the interaction process will be eliminated through the grid mode feature.

Features of the video platform

  • it is very easy to conduct team meetings and collaborate with the team members located in different branches across the globe, there are no hardware infrastructure or maintenance issues.

  • every meeting or session is recorded from the back end that can be accessed by the permissible users from any device, any location, anytime.

  • special meeting rooms can be created in the video platforms where high-level meetings between the permissible members of the organization are only accessed or allowed.

  • it is very easy to integrate the video calls on your website or business apps developed with simple lines of code that can be accessed by the members to whom the business shares their link.

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