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Optimization of various services is possible with Vitel Global’s extensive plans

Creating Dominating Performances with Cloud PBX

You will be wondering about the results after enabling our cloud PBX in your enterprise after witnessing the outcome of results

Race towards Leads – Market with Success

VoIP services totally changes the work environment with speed, reliability, security, real-time communication

Overflow of Profits

With unseized communication there will be a rush of profits which enhances the entire business plan and executing it with perfection

Vitel Global Enterprise Solutions

A complete communication solution towards a successful business

Vitel Global For Private Limited Companies (Ltd.)

Boost your economy with energetic communication

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Vitel Global for Public Limited Companies (PLC)

Assisting the PLCs with progressive implementation

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Vitel Global for Sole Proprietorship

Enabling the Individual Businesses to Work with High Efficiency.

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Vitel Global for Limited Liability Partnership (LLC.)

Making the LLCs to stand out from their competitors

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Vitel Global for Individual Company

Turning Entrepreneurs into Unbeatable Business Jargons

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Vitel Global for Small Companies

We have also stuffed our plans which are solely customized for small businesses.

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Two ways SMS API

Two Ways SMS API

Connecting with the customers is never the same, with the Messaging API one can use short code phone numbers for delivering and receiving the messages.

Key factors of two-way SMS APIS:

  • Reading rate is high than any other mode of communication – this enables fast response and increases the overall productivity.
  • Ease of access and can be used by anyone with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Integration with multiple platforms is quite easy and involves zero complications in handling the application.
  • One cannot miss a notification of any text message and hence the response rate will increase.

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When your telephone system is associated with our rich features, all the services will be uninterrupted.

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