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With Cloud Phone services on the go, your staffing company automatically improvises in recruitments

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Business Phone system for Staffing Agencies

VoIP Business Phone System for Staffing Agencies

Most of the staffing agencies had hard times during the entire process with the traditional telephony. With the VoIP Business Phone Systems those challenges are taken down.

Virtual Interactions meets perfections

During the video meeting interactions the host and the attendees are said to be engaging without any deviation with the stable internet connection.

Message Like Never Before

Texting your co-worker or an employee who is just working remotely is done with an ease. Messaging services has been much improvised with Vitel Global’s Messaging Solutions for businesses.

Effortless Operations

With the most advanced and updated features, every task now turned into an effortless one.

SMS API for IT Staffing

Unbeatable Features Pre-Loaded and Ready to Use

The following features are ready to get your hands on which enhances your overall staffing process

Connect Across the Globe

Global Connect assists you in determining the best time to call your overseas customers.

Call Transferring

A connected call from your phone number can be forwarded to a team member using the Call Transfer function.

Call Queuing

When an agent is occupied with other clients, a Call Queue places incoming calls in a queue.

A powerful dialling system

With Vitel Global’s super-efficient Power Dialer feature, you'll be able to meet your daily calling commitments like a pro.

Call Barging

Keep track of how well your phone support is working. Calculate the percentage of missed calls, each teammate's call load, and so on.

Call Recording

To further monitor your team's performance, record every call on each of your numbers.

Music during Call Hold

CallHippo's On Hold Music is a terrific method to keep your callers happy and interested while they're waiting, or you can upload your own personalised music.

Voice Mailing

Voicemails are delivered to your mailbox through email. You may listen to them right from your inbox.

Call Analytics

Keep track of how well your phone support is working. Calculate the percentage of missed calls, each teammate's call load, and so on.


It's a feature that allows you to add a third participant to a two-way call, making it a three-way conference.

Call Forwarding

Calls may be redirected to many phones for each user, allowing them to be reachable even while they're on the road.

Smart Switching

Before making a call, check with a few different telecommunication providers. All of your call connection concerns may finally be securely put to rest.

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