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Corporate VoIP
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With our advanced services, you can boost the business to the next level by integrating Vitel Global tools into your communication systems.

If you are looking for the most affordable telecommunication system which is also rich in delivering services, then you just made your day more beautiful. Most of the advanced features are available with the Vitel Global’s plans list which enhances the overall performance of the workplace in any organization irrespective of their size and nature.

VoIP Phone Systems in the Corporate World

VoIP stands out from all other services and multiple functions in it are much easier to use and can boost the entire business module to your desired level.

Interaction with the clients and other businesses will become easy and there will be more features associated with the VoIP Phone Services.






Advanced VoIP

Witness The powerful Corporate Communication

Connecting with the professionals in a professional way

Vitel Global for Astonishing Connections

Make your corporate world fully optimized with customized communication

Your Demand Our Supply

We provide plans according to your requirement

Easy Installation and Accessing

Installation is done in minutes and 24/7 support is available.

One Communication solution for ALL INDUSTRIES

Vitel Global has extensive built-in features customized for the Industrial needs

VoIP Security

Your Security is our priority

When we compare the traditional telephony services, VoIP service providers are ahead.

VoIP services are much more secure. With the high-end encryption protocols, the calls, videos, and all other services are safeguarded.

Services at Lower Costs

VoIP services won’t be using any other requirements than a decent internet connection. If the speed is high, then all the services will be able to access.

Additional features like Call forwarding, Auto-attending the calls, Caller ID, and location details.

Benefitting Corporate Culture

Vitel Global Communications benefits the corporate world in numerous ways

Call quality

High quality video quality with no lagging.

Simplified equipment

Just a modern-day IP phone is needed along with good internet connectivity


Real-time scaling is possible with our connectionsp>

Remote connectivity

Connect from anywhere and with any device

Cost effective

Our plans don’t make you go bankrupt