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Wherever you are, whether you are in an airport, home, office, or on a vacation you can use Vitel Global’s applications on mobile and desktop which includes voice, video, chat, etc. .

This enables the user to access to the office meetings, attend video conferences, and collaborate with the on-going tasks irrespective of the user’s location. .

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Mobile App – One Powerful Tool

With our integrated Mobile App, all the features of the VoIP services can be accessed from the app itself.

Advanced features like call recording, call forwarding, call backups can also be used by the application user who has installed the app on his/her mobile device.

Vitel Global’s app can be installed across multiple platforms which means whether you are using an Android device or an IOS, this app runs smoothly on any device

Call forwrading

Our Mobile App Exclusive Features

High Quality Mobile App so you have an innovative way to stay in the loop

Single Tap Away

Fast and secure

Ease of Access

Multi Device Support

One Tap Away

No downtime

High end operation

Multi Device SupportPriority mode

Advance call controls

Internal/External SMS

Extension On-Call Status

Contacts Sync

Add Contacts

Advanced Settings

Auto-Dial API

Wi-Fi/Cellular Network

Desktop App – Hub for Extensive Features

Vitel Global has a user-friendly desktop app that allows our clients to access it at their comfort on their PCs.

Vitel Global Communications desktop has more benefits included in it, including reaching out to the personnel working in the office or a customer, by just accessing the desktop app one can click on the phone number to open it up in a new window and it enables one to continue the chat or a call.

The directory provides a database of all the contacts one requires for official contacts, customer-related calls, etc.

Our Desktop App Exclusive Features

High Quality Desktop App so you have an innovative way to stay in the loop

Multi browser support

Available on Windows and Mac OS

Less Lagging

Availing all the features in a click away

Easy installation and running


Ease of accessibility

Better Functionality across devices

Advance Call Controls

Internal/External SMS

Team Screen Sharing

Video Conferencing

Extension On-Call Status

Auto-Dial API



Desktop VoIP
VoIP App - Mobile and Desktop

Everything you need in one beautiful app Team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone—reimagined so you can do more from anywhere.

Transform your employees' mobile devices into an extension of their office phones or into standalone cloud phones. Install the Vitel Global Mobile softphone application (free with the purchase of a Vitel Global Voice seat).

Carry your business communications in the palm of your hand.

Being out of the office shouldn't slow you down. Facilitate easy communication and collaboration between employees, suppliers, and clients. Access calls, voicemail, video, chat, and text through one mobile interface.

One app to access all the features

Unswerving application with 24/7 access and a fingertip away

Business Phone IOS App Business Phone Android App