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Video communication platforms
or video solutions

are the latest way of reaching the target audience by the business on a live screen for interaction or to share the customer experience with the business.

  • No signup is required
  • No downloads are required
  • Join the live screens or video platform directly from the address stop, laptop, mobile, tablet.
  • Video communications are enabled in high definition both for video and audio calls with crystal clear voice and realistic colors.
  • Easy to share the screen with the customers as it allows the director to sign up for the meeting without any installations or downloads
  • Customize your video platform with the brands and logos for marketing purposes.
  • Video platforms encourage team meetings, separate meeting rooms that help to communicate with the team members of different branches from different locations but using a single platform.
  • It is very affordable as no complicated licensing issues are integrated with our product.

Features of the video platform

  • it is very easy to conduct team meetings and collaborate with the team members located in different branches across the globe, there are no hardware infrastructure or maintenance issues.

  • every meeting or session is recorded from the back end that can be accessed by the permissible users from any device, any location, anytime.

  • special meeting rooms can be created in the video platforms where high-level meetings between the permissible members of the organization are only accessed or allowed.

  • it is very easy to integrate the video calls on your website or business apps developed with simple lines of code that can be accessed by the members to whom the business shares their link.

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