Expert opinions on the future of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

The popular Cloud-based business phone solution is preferred today for its advanced features at low costs. Also termed a unified communication module (UCaaS), cloud telephony unifies different communication systems and tools into a single online portal.

Cloud telephony features involve video calls, CRM, and internet-based calling in the first step. Besides, the most probable subscriber of cloud calling systems is businesses as they need a variety of other communication and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) tools following the footsteps of UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service). Because it works only on the internet, cloud telephony makes it easier to handle and less expensive for businesses and provides excellent tools for team interaction and organization. 

In previous years, cloud communication was able to drive many organizations, and they have entirely changed the client commitment experience for organizations with a one-stop arrangement.

Significance of cloud telephony:

Cloud telephony today is the primary requirement of every business. The future of customer engagement services is cloud telephony. Cloud telephony is slowly taking over the telemarketer and can make businesses conveniently overcome the challenges in customer engagement. Engaging customers often become a considerable issue for some of the market’s biggest and most successful businesses. 

The following are a few significant advantages of cloud telephony that are capable of leading future business trends:

Internet-based calling is a one-stop solution comprising every required communication tool. Cloud telephony is specially meant for business calling services which are built on internet protocols. The unified communication module integrates various ready-to-use communication channels on one platform.

Why is cloud calling most preferred?

The real unique selling proposition of cloud telephony is that it can facilitate quick and simple implementation in no time. Also, internet-based service supports installation and function even in the absence of cables and technicians.

Cloud telephony could save a lot of money compared to any other system. It can eliminate all the costs such as hardware, service, and additional hardware. Cloud is the most cost-effective PBX solution available to businesses. 

It is important to know that cloud telephony is a dependable source for PBX solutions that provides enterprise business phone solutions of all sizes with the best customizable security.

Another crucial benefit of business phone solutions is scalability. This feature made cloud telephony the most dependable and inexpensive, enabling businesses to avoid mounting costs, installation, service, and physical labor.

Call Management Features:

Cloud telephony’s advanced call management features with CRM integration help business teams avoid physical labor. There are many essential call management features, such as call recording, AI-enabled call management, ACD, IVR, call forwarding, video conferencing, etc.

The Future of Cloud Telephony:

Business phones are already being used by many businesses to improve their daily communication and coordination with customers, clients, and their internal teams. 

Cloud communications can empower Startups. We are all aware of the fact that every year many new start-ups emerge. This affordable and flexible cloud system for business has brought a new revolution after the global pandemic. It is a hybrid work culture that enables people to work from anywhere in the world with the help of these advanced cloud-calling features. Cloud telephony is expected to give these start-ups more control over their operations. 

Below are the immensely convincing features of cloud-based phones that support any business with its advanced features. 

  1. Cost Effective: Because funding for start-ups is limited
  2. Scalability: Any number of lines can be taken with no requirement of additional hardware
  3. Trustworthiness: There are no outages, technical issues

As a result, in the coming years, start-ups may rely on cloud telephony solutions as their primary means of communication.

Talent Expansion:

Notice that it is the time of the great resignation, as we call it. Even retaining employees has become difficult for businesses. Now, this advanced calling system has brought a lot of opportunities for candidates everywhere. Youngsters are starting their new careers as freelancers. Because they see freedom in it. Meanwhile, things are not like they were in the past. Multiple factors prevent businesses from expanding their talent pool outside of their designated geographic boundaries. If they want to work with the candidates and if the person is somewhere in the world, then he/she is available to contact with no issue through internet calling absolutely free of cost. 

As discussed, cloud communication can totally wipe out these issues. The only thing to do is to have an active internet connection because it works online.

Support for Cultural Diversity:

Today’s digital tools can support multi-language, which is crucial for any company that is planning nationwide expansion. Businesses in the future can serve a diverse group of customers from any corner of the country and expand their operations with the help of a cloud-calling system.

With this digital transformation, the user experience is improved by intelligent cloud telephony calling features equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Suppose, an intelligent Interactive Voice Response system can greet and converse with customers in their language based on their location. 

To handle these situations, ACD can automatically route the call to a regional language specialist through internet-based calling systems. This can assist the organization with business expansion along with enhancing the customer experience. Such an unbreakable network can increase customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Help Government Agencies:

Cloud telephony solutions are very useful in assisting government agencies as well as businesses. As the government itself is a service sector, cloud telephony facilitates efficient and uninterrupted communication among various government departments. This ability of this advanced calling system can reduce the postponements of the government processes that need to happen as they deserve to execute.

Additionally, there is an additional benefit of cost-effectiveness with the use of cloud telephony solutions. It frees up capital so that it can be used for other purposes. Finally, internet telephony is the most reliable for citizens to communicate with the government or one another. Cloud telephony solutions are implemented even in remote areas where traditional systems encounter difficulties.


Notice that we are already on the journey into the future, and cloud telephony will undoubtedly play a significant role there. Today and in the coming days, new businesses are not constrained by language or location as cloud telephony systems advance. It is of no discussion whether your business is a small, medium, or large-scale one. This digital evolution of communications makes perfect sense to adopt a cloud phone system. 

If you are looking to switch to business phone solutions from the world’s fastest-growing service provider.

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Business Phone Calling and Call Management at the Organizational Level

Straight to the topic, let us start with business call management first. Businesses, according to their functions, might receive more incoming, outgoing, or both. And, we know that firms have teams to handle the call flow with respect to the company size. Being Omni channel, business phone solutions allied with campaign marketing can create seamless wonders.

So, business call management is a process organizations use to handle incoming calls. This call management system can build relationships with clients and ensure prompt and satisfactory responses to customers.

An effective call management system is essential for handling and collecting data from calls, especially in call centers. 

Call Management Systems Implementation:

Call management is all about intelligent routing in accordance with the system’s calling parameters. Some of the features like call queues, IVR menus, and groups are examples. Hence, routing is done based on the caller’s time, date, or location.

The caller can choose how to interact with a company using different call features. Technology can offer them a personalized experience. Additionally, these new calling features maximize agent call-handling efficiency by saving valuable time.

Call management – Contact Center Vs Conventional Call Center:

In the digital world of today, customers are communicating with businesses through a variety of digital channels such as chatbots, official email, social media, and more.

Well, in the contact centers, business infrastructure has to deal with a wide range of tasks. 

Features of common call management:

We know that businesses have their own set of needs and targets. Any system should be chosen according to them. All they try to do is to make good use of the available features and increase their level of engagement with customers.

Having said that, there are some elements to consider:

  1. ACD feature routes the calls to appropriate team members. This feature has predetermined criteria as per which the calls are routed. 
  2. Call recording and call tracking feature record customer calls and monitor team performance which is essential for business managers. 
  3. Agents gain situational information as well as the old history of the caller from call tracking to understand him better. The support team can tailor the customer experience through routing and responding to the calls using the above features. 
  4. This is an automated feature of a business phone system called interactive voice response. It gathers information about the issue and presents them with a pre-determined menu. Based on the caller’s voice (in some cases) and keypad inputs, the IVR either solves the issue or escalates the call.
  5. Call control service (call processing) in the business phone solution directs calls to assigned terminals.
  6. Call monitoring is one of the most important features of Cloud PBX systems that enable managers to listen in on calls and assess the agent’s performance. Through this, managers can comprehend how agents work. 

Cloud-Based PBX Phone System and CRM Integration:

Businesses extract the customer data which is stored in the CRM solutions and it helps the agents to provide more individualized customer support. Because agents can access the customer’s both current and historical data. Managers can monitor the quality of the calls, the number of calls made and received escalation, etc.

Benefits of Business Phone Call Management System:

Lost calls can be avoided with this efficient management system. Agents can readily collect the data from the system and analyze it. Additionally, efficient call routing ensures effective call handling.

Productivity is assured by comforting customers by attending to their calls at a quick pace and making sure that they don’t have to wait at peak times. Downtime minimization and controlling the call traffic by routing the call to the best agent is done through intelligent routing.

Studying the above, it is clear that the company is able to provide faster and more efficient customer service. This results in a personalized and lasting customer experience.

The call management system is able to handle more requests from customers and helps agents work more effectively. Besides, this helps to reduce expenses associated with employees.

Call Management

Campaign Management for Marketing:

Marketing Campaign management is the process of designing, planning, testing, and monitoring a campaign. Also, you need to evaluate the outcomes as a process. 

Before planning for a campaign, you must validate what will suit your business and assess the plan. Remember that if it is implemented in a calculative process, most innovative campaigns might succeed.

Process of Campaign Management:

Fix your Goals First:

Create a campaign plan to capture and measure results with clear goals. Yet, determine the resources beforehand, so you will face no hurdles in achieving those goals.

For your reference, below are some goals we have provided that can help your business measurements.

  • Have to nurture existing leads by reminding your value 
  • Update and offer to transit them along the sales funnel 
  • Encourage existing customers to buy related products or to upgrade an existing product, 
  • Targeting for a better frequency of customer purchases 
  • To qualify leads and recognize potential customers

How do you implement a Marketing Campaign?

Identify your Audience:

If you are making strategies and goals, it is better to define your audience first. Try to make the marketing campaign meant to them, and it must be relevant to their requirements. Doing this step, you can interact with them directly so that you can increase your response rate. Your audience can be categorized and segregated in a few ways. To learn the correct strategy, learn How businesses match up with the ongoing market trend. 

Prepare Your Marketing Campaign Tools:

Your motive is to connect your audience to the company. After determining your audience, it is time to determine the effective means to reach them. Tools include social media campaigns, brochures, or TV commercials but check how feasible it is to apply. It does not mean that you should afford expensive advertising works. Try to use creative strategies to do your marketing. The trick is simple. Just choose the platforms that best suit your goal and audience requirements.

Don’t stick to just one source:

Because today’s customers seamlessly switch between electronic products, provisions like retail, and almost everything. You must contact and redirect them across the venture. Therefore, you must reach them through a variety of channels called an Omni channel marketing campaign strategy.

Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign

This step can assure you of an estimated result so that you can make better arrangements. Hence, start testing campaigning variables with a small set audience prior to a major rollout. Just assess the response your subjects receive and the ‘call to action button. Assess all variables one at a time and remember not to do the process in one go. Because if you test more than one variable at a time, you will not be able to understand the individual response to each marketing variable. 


Anything strategically should be monitored keenly, determining everyone responsible for carrying out each phase of your campaign. Assign correct employees for each specific work. For example;

  1. One who carries out the design and writing
  2. Agent who sends social media posts and mailers
  3. Who will sign off on the work as it is done?
  4. Draw a flowchart so all the team members are aware of the steps involved and that they remember their responsibilities. 

In the end, it is essential to map the customer’s journey so that you can guide him to the desired terminal. For that, switch between every marketing practice quickly. Observe the footprints to find out where they begin their journey and where they end up, and success can be determined by the purchase made. For more such business-related information and tips.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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Major things to keep in the notice before attending an online meetings

After the influence of the global pandemic, it is not a wonder to believe that the entire operating system of businesses has changed and has taken a whole new face. It is a real asset to remote workers. Apart from professional meetings, cloud-based business communications are the curtain-raiser to many online events.

Nowadays, there are many people looking to meet new people at online events. If you are one of them, you should follow some essential things beforehand.

It is a fact that online events are getting increasingly popular today. Because they allow people from every part of the world to connect and interact with each other and share ideas. In fact, we call them virtual meetings or webinars. These events usually last between 30 minutes to sometimes several hours.

Now, in this blog, we will share some tips so that you can take notes before attending such an event and perform well.

Importance of Online Meetings:

Most administrators know that online gatherings merit the venture and bring up many advantages. Online conferences’ basic advantage is that they reduce travel expenses and the time required to gather people into the office as it facilitates participation from a distance.

Another important advantage is that it can provide a complete record of the meeting without any omissions.

It is simple to share information with the entire team, which can reduce the need for unnecessary repetitions of meetings. It is also a unified communication solution that facilitates instantaneous and dependable communication with partners or customers worldwide.

Choice of Correct Online Meeting Format:

It is very crucial to correctly choose an online meeting format that works best for your schedule. Basically, we have 2 types of online ones.

Audio-only meetings:

Suppose you don’t need the internet, screen sharing, or video; then a standalone audio meeting is ideal for quick sessions. During your meeting, the object is only to inform and discuss a few things, talk about important company news with a directive about a new way of doing things. Here, you can note the people in the gathering and record the call for future reference or follow-up.

Video conferencing: 

If your online meeting consists of a dispersed group of people/team or a virtual face-to-face with a client/interview, video conferencing suits the need. Also, video conferencing can strengthen communication and reduce misinterpreting nuances and tone to improve rapport and trust among participants.

Leading an Online Meeting:

Here is the game changer! It is crucial to recognize the best individual to drive a gathering. For this task, it is better to choose an organized person that must be a natural speaker who can effectively lead a meeting. Because delegating responsibility is the key to a successful online meeting. If there is a recording error, there is a possibility to encourage your host to delegate specific tasks. The delegate will handle the Q&A portion and maintain a written list of highlights in the online meetings.

The Ideal Time to Meet Online:

Now, the time of the meeting determines the availability of the participants. Therefore it is important to pick the best time for meetings to get people to attend there. Probably, a preferable time is the middle of the week when most of the members are available. Simultaneously, please be sure to account for people who are in different time zones.

To ensure the success of the meeting, particularly telephony with cloud PBX is the option preferred by many companies worldwide. However, it is better to send reminders and ample notice in advance so that you can encourage participation in a meeting. Also, make the purpose of your online meetings clear and when you expect it to begin and end.

Suitable Place for an Online Meeting:

Look for a quiet room with your equipment and a blank wall should be a backdrop. This is ideal for an online meeting. Encourage the participants in the meeting to locate a quiet location and turn off their microphones while they are not speaking. Keep in mind that attendees may be arriving at your meeting.

Guiding a Successful Online Meeting:

All online meetings are similar to a meeting from a home or remote workstation, a business location in a different time zone, a hotel, an airport, or even another international location.

To guide your online meeting, it is important to develop a concise agenda. Once you determine the goals of the meeting, it is good to divide the session into segments. Prepare your notes in advance to decide how to organize and convey the information.

Online Meetings

Follow the Below Points for a Great Presentation:

Use a PPT slideshow to highlight points, but it does not mean reading it literally. The information should be focused and on track. Make sure that no distractions or interruptions could disrupt the meeting’s flow. When the meeting concludes, encourage the participation of the rest of the members through a structured Q&A session.

Don’t forget to send a follow-up email to all participants after the meeting. In the mail, you must describe the key highlights of the session including any decisions or conclusions you have made. In addition to that mail, send a recording or transcript of the call.

So, this is the plan to organize and carry out a successful and engaging video conferencing session. 

Till now, we have gone through the elements that you have to do to generate a good online meeting. Now, let us go through the don’ts; 

Do not Do these While Conducting an Online Meeting:

Mute yourself or reduce the background noise because it may disturb others. Because it is a good habit to mute yourself when you’re not talking so that the other people in the room get distracted due to the unwanted noises.

For example, sounds while typing, children playing around, a siren in the street, or other distractions can disturb the meeting. While speaking occasionally, do use the mute button whenever someone else speaks. Try your best to reduce background noise before the conversation begins.

Body Languages and Gestures:

It is a benefit in a video meeting, especially where you can also use gestures and other body language cues to reinforce your message, but do not overdo it. Also, do not completely rely on body language to make your point. On a video call, these wide movements can create unnecessary distractions than in a face-to-face conversation. Of course, you should move but at the same time, make an effort to keep your movements to a minimum. 

For example, if you’re pointing to a chart placed behind you, you should say which chart you’re pointing to. Never assume everyone will look at your presentation. You can only be sure that some people are looking at the screen. Therefore, repeat the statement verbally whenever you perform a particular action.


Not much to say but we want to give more tips to make your view more engaging in an online video meeting. Make sure there is a light facing you but the light should not be too bright. Bright lights can make the image look burnt. Check the frame if you fit before starting the session and the participants will be fairly impressed. 

Organizations prefer cloud-based business communication with advanced calling features. Vitel Global is the leading communication partner of many firms globally and we have made business communications as hybrid learning with all one app.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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How can Business Phone Troubleshooting Assist with Productivity?

Even though Cloud Telephony is the most advanced calling system today, there are certain issues that have to be addressed. 

While dealing with certain technical issues such as jitter, users cannot easily wait to speak with a support agent. And it is obvious that it is not what you look for in the automated routing messages to the random disconnections.

Due to this, we must be aware of some fundamental steps that can help when your VoIP business phone has issues. If you start troubleshooting a bit earlier, you can catch some potential issues to rectify even before the requirement of a tech support representative.

Network Connectivity Issues:

Internet connectivity can cause severe problems as cloud telephony is entirely based on the internet. Also, a few times, this issue includes issues related to devices and security concerns. So, use the method of elimination and fix every problem by going through the following steps. 

Problems Local Area Network (LAN):

Most of the time, Network and Local Area Network issues involve personal computers or the hardware that connects them to the internet. Typically, this could be addressed as a router issue that you have the wrong router for cloud telephony.

It is important to understand that a router must be prioritized for internet calls. We call this Quality of Service (QoS). Cloud calls are given priority over less important network traffic. This feature is available on most modern broadband routers. Suppose you don’t set it up, you might have issues with the quality of your calls.

Proper Operation of your LAN:

In simple steps, unplug the router’s power cord. Wait for a few seconds and connect the cord once more. Now, configure VoIP QoS settings. Disable SIP ALG to check your router’s firmware for updates. Let’s go with an elaborate study now. 

Reset your Router, Devices and check the Wiring:

Although your hardware connectivity is good, it is better to check the wiring of your equipment in the first place. Make sure that each piece of hardware is plugged in correctly.

The next step is to unplug all power cords and wait for them to stand for thirty seconds. Now, you can reconnect them. Wait until all of the lights come back on. This gives your switch and systems administration gear a new initiation and clears any essential issues they might have insight into.

Please focus on setting up your router to suit cloud calling. This means confirming that your router supports internet telephony QoS (Quality of Service) settings. Also, check that they are enabled. Although each router is unique, it can be commonly said that the majority of QoS settings are located in the management interface.

Upgrade the router:

Sometimes even the router’s settings don’t help and the issue still persists. At that time, a new router might be needed. Your cloud calling experience can be significantly enhanced by upgrading to a dual-band router. It would be better to consider open-source firmware as some vendors might deny support. 

Phone and Voice Quality Checking:

To do this, cover the speaker of your phone. While doing this, you need to turn down the volume of your earpiece or speakers so that you can see if the echo, buzzing, or interference vanishes.

Transfer the Router:

There are times when the appliances around it can influence the performance of the router. If that is the case, keep the router away from the fans, power strips, and even a computer monitor. In rare cases, they cause obstruction by being excessively close.

Check Equipment that serves as a link:

Look for splitters or any caller ID gadgets connected to your phone and router. Because if you directly connect your phone and the router, it is possible to eliminate the need for third-party equipment. So, try to get around a particular piece of equipment, and the problem probably goes away immediately.

Examine the wiring:

Check the wiring to make sure that all cables and wires are dry and not very long. Check for any outdated equipment to avoid poor voice quality from a lengthy wire. Maybe it is time to replace the old ones with a new phone, microphone, or headset if you’ve had them for a long time. Because poor voice quality can most probably result from outdated equipment.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Issues:

As we have already discussed LAN, another common set of issues that can result in a variety of issues are related to the Wide Area Network or WAN short. The problems WAN creates aren’t always present in your equipment or surrounding area as we have seen in the case of previous problems. But the most common problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) come into this category.

It is to remember on purpose that some internet bundles work fine for streaming and surfing the web but they might not work for internet telephony. Cloud business phones necessitate the transportation of digital voice packets.

It works with a different set of internet protocols. Your ISP might not be able to provide those requirements. So, you must have a business-class internet bundle that can allow you to use cloud services before you start troubleshooting it.

Conduct a bandwidth and speed test as it is a speed test that is simple to use and to find out whether your network supports cloud technology. Now, you should determine how many IP phones can be efficiently handled by your network. And the answer to this is its speed; the internet speed determines the efficiency. Assure that your computer is plugged directly into the modem prior to the test.

Check for Packet Loss:

It is a much-known condition known as packet loss. It occurs when data packets are correctly transmitted from one terminal of a connection but do not reach their intended terminal (destination). Hopefully, poor network conditions and sometimes internet congestion are the cause of this. Data packet transmission is necessary for cloud calling services to function.

System Security:

System security always takes the highest stand. Because cloud calling phones are connected to the internet. We know that anything that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to security threats and hackers. Security issues can have an impact on the overall performance of the business phone system including its call quality as well as the customer data. Therefore, you should immediately address any security concerns you may have regarding your cloud system security.

Resetting Passwords:

Yes! It is true that your company’s cloud service credentials can be hacked. This can allow unauthorized users to make costly calls. The other risk of this is that hackers can gain access to listen to calls that are already in progress using your credentials. In case you assume your secret key has been compromised it is better to reset all the passwords. Also, as you maintain sensitive customer and company data in your cloud/ SIP systems, it is a good thought to regularly update passwords.

Install Security Layers and Firewalls:

The advanced and the most essential version of posing security is installing security layers and firewalls. 

You can contact your administrator and set up a firewall for your business phone systems. Typically, these firewalls are capable of shutting down a session when a call is over. These programs can restrict the kind of traffic allowed.

Hence, find a security system that can work with your business phone cloud services. If your security system doesn’t work with your system, it could be a problem. For this to rectify, contact and check with your internet calling service specialist who has expertise in similarity with specific security frameworks.


The issues discussed above are common but not permanent or serious issues. They can be easily rectified and with little foresight, these issues can be prevented either. The best practice is to check all the service amenities regularly. 

Some of the leading business phone service providers offer round-the-clock customer care service and Vitel Global is one among them. If you want to upgrade your business phone system in a cost-effective way.

Vitel Global promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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How Video calling integration assists businesses in improving the sales

Modern technology has gifted the present generation with an advanced option of video calling. Unlike phone calls based on audio, real-time communication through video can enhance the business to customer and business-to-business relationships. 

Today, sales professionals have started searching for new ways to modify their approach in order to communicate with prospects and also customers. This approach could help as most firms nowadays allow remote and flexible work-from-home options.

Fortunately, VoIP is a forgiving and straightforward technology that sales representatives can now use to meet with potential clients, contacts, and staff members, irrespective of their geographical location. This blog is about the video conferencing feature in the VoIP business phone system and lets us get into the details of how Video conferencing features can help business organizations in improving their sales.  

Discussing video conferencing technologies, consider email and chatting apps that help our day-to-day communication. Video meetings are unique and cannot be matched when it comes to closing deals. Video calls can be a handy tool if you are not physically available to attend the meeting (probably remote workers). With effective use of this feature, video calling can increase your sales opportunities and help you close more deals.

Real-time Images can make more difference than a name:

Undoubtedly, client meetings if conducted in person, lead to establishing a friendly rapport and trust with a new person. This is an advantage of in-person meetings. For instance, according to research, if you want to consider the impact percentage of interactions, words only make up a single-digit percentage of communication. But the other part (around 90%) is communicated by body language and voice tonality. Hence, expressing your idea completely while conversing solely via phone or text is challenging.

Videos can Grab Attention:

If you interact through face-to-face meetings in video calling, you can carefully observe how your prospect is responding to your sales pitch. If needed, you can modify your strategy as per your necessity. So, remember that you are not just another email in their inbox. You mean more to your customer, making your prospects remember as you created a good rapport through the sales pitch.

In order to establish and sustain a professional relationship, it is a preference to get your customers to see your face and get a sense of who you are.

Video conferences enable you to connect with decision-makers:

It can be challenging to convince at least one decision maker or an entire team to one time and location physically. The same can happen in the case of meeting customers and prospects in person. Therefore, coordinating in-person meetings is practically difficult. It can be a real challenge if the organization itself is largely remote or its critical team members are remote workers. 

Reach the Team or Prospect with a click:

Now, it is fairly possible for you to meet your clients through meeting irrespective of where they are. Also, thanks to the technology that made it simpler to meet with others easily in real-time. So, anyone can join the video call with just one click from their mobile device, which can be connected to the internet. 

Additionally, if you are into business, Video conferencing simplifies the process of checking in with your prospects by scheduling follow-up meetings. Besides, you can respond to any queries; because it cannot be possible every time for everybody to meet on the same online video calling. 

The Magic of Screen Sharing:

The screen sharing and file transfer options are very handy, especially in business operations. For example, you note some beats in a live call and go with an in-depth demonstration. You perform many practices regardless of whether you’ve established a rapport with a prospect and informed them of all the features and advantages of your company’s product. Also, a real-time video call can effectively handle walkthroughs, your response to additional inquiries, and even help with setups by screen sharing and file transfer when needed.

Therefore, as part of your sales pitch in a video call, it is possible to share presentations and other materials such as infographics, datasheets, and even videos.

Cost Effective and Saves Travel Expenses: 

Meetings in person are not only expensive but also constrained by costs such as travel expenses, accommodation costs, and vehicle charges. Question yourself about how many people you can meet in one day, after all. Additionally, frequent journeys in and out of vehicles and other places such as airports can be physically and emotionally exhausting. It can eventually make it harder to be productive at work.

Reduced physical Strain:

Suppose sales representatives today are meeting many clients without stepping out of their office. And they do it in a very short amount of time using the video calling feature as they don’t need to travel to each one in person. Thus, salespersons are able to expand their market and find more business options. Also, it is easy to connect faster, and accomplish their business objectives by surpassing their sales targets quicker than before.

Convenient gesture for Customers:

It is well known that productivity is the key to success in today’s fast-paced world. It would be best if you accomplished more in less time while reducing stress. Sales teams are not an exception.

With advanced technology features, sales representatives can reduce the time they spend traveling to meet potential leads. Instead, they can fill their valuable time with these features, and they are not required to meet with clients and prospects face-to-face more than before.

Furthermore, knowing that a correct program will only enable you to shorten this commute distance is important. It creates a lot of convenience for the users as they can attend and host meetings easily with a single click. This feature saves time in installing and configuring software.

Invest more time in Generating Leads:

With all these current upgrades due to the digital revolution, users communicate with one another on any mobile device. The same has allowed representatives to engage with prospects even when they are out of the station. 

That, sales representatives may go straight into the action with a live demo grabbing customer attention through visuals and fine presentations in an online meeting with the customer. During the conversation, many individuals assign tasks so that they can start working on the lead right away. Sales representatives can swiftly contact the customer through a phone after the meeting. Furthermore, discuss the meeting’s highlights with them and redirect the customer into a conversion.

Increased Sales:

Not to say that a solid customer relationship is an essential foundation for a sales conversion. Now, without any doubt, video conferencing excels in this one area. As we have discussed earlier, teams can save a lot of time and money by interacting through video conferences with people all over the world. Therefore, everyone benefits if you enhance the capacity of your sales staff, complete deals within the deadlines, and contribute to raising revenue for your business.


Vitel Global is one of the fastest emerging VoIP service providers supporting thousands of businesses all over the world. Video conferencing is an essential business feature that cannot be ignored, and it must be inbuilt into a VoIP business solution. 

We became our customers’ choice for our affordable and customized plans. To know more or to subscribe to VoIP business plans.

 Vitel Global promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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How to make your readers fall in love with your online content

“Content is the king” and “Writing is an art”. Everybody is aware of it. There are various types of readers who seek information in different genres. But, please be informed that scripting, narrating, articulating, blogging, film writing, and even writing a novel are different. Every piece of work has a standard format that must be considered and followed for the best results. 

Simultaneously, online content has its own style of application as it is probably used for reader engagement as well as marketing purposes. In this blog, we will share some elements that make your online content more pleasing. Try to follow these easy steps and gain better reader engagement.

A Provocative Introduction:

A perfect introduction is always the best chance to be unique and entertaining. Additionally, it is an ideal spot to trigger your reader. Because the introduction must be intriguing and captivating enough to draw readers. Remember that it is not as easy as said.

In addition, as already discussed, if you want to include a story or a little bit of humor, this venue suits you. You might also put the reader on his toes by putting them into anticipation by being sympathetic or coming up with another inventive technique. The primary objective of writing an introduction is to elicit an emotional response from the reader and that is how you can build some engagement.

Observe your tone of writing:

If your tone is bland, subjects will sound much more monotonic and boring. In certain circumstances, it is required to change the style you write. Be genuine and try to be conversational and informal, especially if the work will be published on a blog. And hence, while writing, it is better to use the tone that you would use when speaking.

Maintain some Humor:

Having a sense of humor can help you in many ways. For better reader engagement, even content calls for humor. Having said that, you should not act like the funniest person in the world. It is just to ensure that the information is not monotonic but occasionally makes readers grin. Sometimes, the correct choice of words or a clever parenthetical remark can generate a spark. To make this out, just relax and be genuine. If you’re unsure about such funny usage of words, ask an honest co-worker for guidance.

Stories are Always Interesting:

Suppose, you are writing about an industry subject that bores. Still, there is a chance of incorporating some storytelling in the form of examples or instances that you have met before. This is a wonderful technique to engage readers as this can emulate the situation into something easily understood. So, choose the story carefully and make your material relatable by sharing anecdotes. Additionally, it can be a great help that convinces the reader to understand that a real person is authoring the concept behind it.

Observe with care while including personal examples. A relevant example flows naturally into your content’s theme and makes it more interesting to read.

Content Format: Top Priority:

Content format is most important while writing marketing content because the format itself can convey how professional the material is. When creating marketing content, it is essential to consider the structure of the content that works best to convey your objective.

Besides, you must also settle down with the type of content format readers want to consume. You must decide the format as per the material. Think about a blog post instead of a checklist, a video and an owner/user manual, or an infographic. Every type of material has its own standard format and they must be addressed.

The Reader’s Perspective:

To write more engagingly, you should learn more about your readers, especially the ones you want to turn into leads. It is the first step that helps you to produce content that appeals to them.

To succeed in the process, develop reader personas in the correct way to reach them. By doing this, you can presumably attract readers and turn them into leads and customers. At the same time, remember that there is a group of readers who will likely never make a purchase from your company. Yet, these people will read and share your material if your material attracts their attention. A perfect scenario is to relate both demographics and engage them. Therefore, start carrying out that persona study and at the same time, you must consider the other elements needed to incorporate the remaining factors.

Statistics Demonstrate Impact:

If you want to communicate some information evidently, authors occasionally require a little assistance from an important source: mathematics, technically statistics. While blogging, we tend to use infographics in this case. Through infographics, you can blend text, data, and images along with accurate calculations. Infographics are so effective that they keep the interpretations simple and exact so that readers can realize the significance of the topic.

However, it is crucial for the authors to understand that data doesn’t always depend on a designer to make a strong statement. Because the statistics can sometimes speak for themselves. Because many people are unaware of the fact about the standards for a fantastic visit-to-lead conversion rate.

A Real World Example always Works:

We all know that there is a remarkable gap between theory and practice and this gap will not let most people that theory works. In such a situation, real-life examples can gather prominence by helping the content that teaches something and frequently makes the content more engaging. Examples can very quickly help your idea connect with the reader.

The application is so easy that once you have presented a topic, it is time to provide your readers with a related example of the same idea in action. It helps the reader to understand your idea in the real world. Sometimes, these examples can go hypothetical or real-world. But these are used to demonstrate actual instances of brands engaging in the behavior.

If you are unable to locate a practical example to assist your theory and application, then simply write out your own experience that will aid your readers in how your suggestion could work for them.

Better Engagement comes by Seeking Feedback:

Feedback is the response or reaction of a reader to what he/she experienced from your content. Hence, the technique to improve engagement is to genuinely invite readers to participate in your material. Yes! Remember that they deserve it and they have a stake since they helped create it (the content is written for them). It is not a mistake to ask everyone for their contribution to your content creation. They may be article/blog readers, comments, social media followers, customers, etc.

Use Keywords:

This is a technical rather than creative element regarding netiquette and its importance in the digital world. It can help to improve your search engine rating. Besides, keywords will also make you stay on topic so that your idea does not wander here and there. Hence, in digital marketing skills, it is important to stick with your title and keywords throughout the whole post.

Exhibit your Enthusiasm:

Know that content created by an enthusiastic person tends to be more engaging. Let the readers know how much you respect your company. Write with passion and make sure that you explain the reason why you are so passionate. Additionally, emphasize your USPs (unique selling propositions) to persuade your readers how you vary from your competition.


Learning to create content is a never-ending art. It is essential to understand that the content, the idea, and its presentation must be unique to earn followers in your work. Such work can improve reader engagement and process customers into leads. 

For more such useful information, Want lots more tips and techniques for making your readers fall in love? Check out the White-paper for Smart People. It kicks off with free 5+ knowledgeable strategies on How to build a successful business in online marketing to create a great relationship with customers … and translate that into success.

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11 Business Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you make a perfect business concept, it must be promising and generate limitless profits. The business tips discussed in this blog can come in handy! Many individuals today want to establish their own firms. But a perfect business plan is something that solves the dilemma that many individuals experience. Your idea should be well-defined to the point that it is simple to communicate to someone else while simultaneously hiding sensitive information. The business concept is the cornerstone, out of which emerges a prosperous enterprise.

Below are 11 business tips to catapult your business to the next level.

1. Validate your Business Plan:

The first step always starts with an idea. But, how do you get one? And is it a good one or a bad one that doesn’t work? 

Sometimes it is easy to find inspiration, but figuring out whether you have a good concept is the issue. Hence, it’s critical to solicit criticism and input from many sources.

2. Use Every Way to reach your Audience:

If you are a retailer without an internet presence, then step into the web world as soon as possible. Internet presence can exponentially increase your visibility to reach people. Next, conduct an email campaign to maintain your message in front of your consumers after collecting enough customer emails. Most importantly, don’t overlook social media.

3. Digital media is the curtain-raiser of the new business communication era!

If your company belongs to E-Commerce, then run a direct mail campaign with a catalog of your top products to reach out to new potential customers. Once you are adept at running such campaigns, you will learn to spend your marketing funds wisely with this multichannel strategy. Meanwhile, you can see which channels were most successful in achieving your sales targets.

4. Keenly Examine your Goals:

Generally, business goals include expansion and numbers where MNCs deserve global expansion. Of course, both are mutually reproductive. It is suggested to focus on the number in the first place and everything regarding that will be manifested by you. Hence, there is a chance to anticipate things beforehand. 

Moving forward, use accounting software as a seasoned company. You do not need to panic anymore once you have your grip on the fundamentals. Learn the relation between your inventory, the outflow of goods, and the financial flow. 

You must choose the perfect time to start tracking your company’s performance at regular intervals.

5. Effective use of Cybersecurity:

Security is a burning problem nowadays due to hackers. If you are a business leader, you should fortify your cyber infrastructure. Thus, you can position yourself closer to the opportunities presented by strong information security. This can also prepare you for the next danger. An overflow of mail sent to small business owners is a sign of the persistent danger. Such cyber issues involve harmful software and other cybercriminal components that pose a threat to the security of small businesses.

Therefore, businesses must not ignore security and set a challenge to bolster their information security infrastructure. This can create security as well as empowers your operations to meet the demands of larger corporate and governmental institutions. Information security is not just an investment. It is an asset that allows you to advance in a digital economy as a means of defense against a threat.

6. Invest in a Strategic Way:

When you invest in a business, you will purchase raw materials or certain services to start your own production. But here, it is necessary to expand more by minimizing expenses and maximizing financial revenue. It is not easy as we just say that you need the plan to operate this idea of minimizing expenses. 

If you are capable of expanding, plan to gain the clients and consumers of those auxiliary firms, as well as try to acquire small businesses. This helps you control the investment costs overall.

Business Communication

7. Never Misuse Social media:

It could be a better practice for business communication if they want to use social media platforms for sales. And, you must stop it as soon as possible. Because applying a sales strategy on a marketing platform such as social media might as well be a fail-only approach because marketing and sales are distinct. 

You must produce and record content that helps your business to form a strong connection with the customers with engaging and informative posts. This often includes knowledge about respective products and industries or even amusing behind-the-scenes videos.

8. You need an advisory board:

Business advisory is one of the important business tips. An advisory board is the best thing you can do to improve your company’s performance. It is a valuable business management tool that allows you to interact with professionals for a little and propose new ideas. Advisors that help you manage your company more effectively. Its motive is to address the issues and opportunities your firm faces. 

For example, create a small team to work for your company to meet every three months and discuss persisting problems. Then, create a strategy, and monitor your development. If you hand-pick qualified people, they can help your company become more valuable and accelerate growth. They turn into mentors to help you stay motivated to reach your objectives.

9. Construct your own strategy:

Any strategy’s outline is determined by the placement of short-term and long-term goals. Hence, put quarterly, semi-annual, or annual short-term goals to assist you in achieving them. Keep an eye on every detail to ensure that your plan takes into account any potential resources you may require. It might be cash, personnel, equipment, inventory, and additional running costs. 

First, write down the metrics and parameters you need to measure your success in achieving that objective. Second, modify the plans depending upon necessity based on your position with respect to the target to be achieved. In case of failure, determine its cause on a priority basis.

10. Best Customer Service:

There are a good number of prosperous companies that overlook the importance of good customer service. One of the best business tips is to give your clients better service, and they’ll be more likely to choose you over your competitors. Because any company is rated by the customer service they offer after sales. 

In simple terms, the quality of the services a company offers can make a big difference between successful and unsuccessful enterprises.

11. Maintain Record for Every Detail:

Successful firms all maintain thorough records. Record maintenance enables you to get a clear idea of the financial situation and influencing difficulties if any. If you are aware of this, it can assist you in developing plans at times of those difficulties.

In general, it is preferred to maintain two sets of records. They include a hard copy and a soft copy of them. Through this practice, a business leader need not worry about losing data as the data is already backed up. The physical record serves as a backup, but it is often referred to confirm the accuracy of the other data.


We regularly watch businesses fail and succeed. Please recognize the fact that the situations are always the same but our work differs. Now everything depends on our approach to whether we will win or lose. 

We hope that the above-given business tips are useful to you and help you to find more progress in your business and to reduce the risk of overlooking important facts. For more such information and business phone solutions.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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The 6 Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee motivation

Employee engagement with the firm is a keen source of productivity. Because employees are the true source of any organization, any company’s productivity entirely depends on them. Likewise, employees depend on company management for various reasons. The management’s responsibility is to ensure growth, opportunity, and a prospective future for their employees. If such a mutual understanding exists between the firm and its staff, productivity can be assured and goals can be achieved.

The success of the department is based heavily on the people you manage as a business owner or manager. Yet, for that success, everyone must move in the correct direction. 

Hence, performance management is something that will enable us to reach our goals. Still, we have to consider numerous components of performance management and there are some crucial components to consider.

A Performance management system should support every person on the staff while taking care of aligning the team with corporate objectives. It must be professional and can lead to better performance. Management, its procedures, and teams should motivate each other with mutual interaction to maximize corporate objectives.

The Importance of Performance Management:

First of all, performance measurement is significant. Because, as all know, how can we track progress without a benchmark to compare it to?

Planning for the next phase is impossible if one does not know his current position, efficiency levels, and possibilities. How can you determine your journey without understanding where you are and where you’ve come from?

In comparison, your teams serve as your means of transportation from content to productivity. For better employee engagement, your employees must have individual timetables and characteristics (as per their work profile). They will accompany you on your journey into a successful future once you get them to a proper location with the appropriate information and tools.

Workplace Atmosphere:

By nature, humans are a competitive species, and they crave it. For that reason, establish a challenge-based atmosphere in the workplace, and your employees will pursue it. It works because people respond to facts, figures, and realistic goals.

However, if you are unable to provide them with proper information, how can you create goals? Without a plan and a system in place, how can you get the necessary data?

1. Determining Goals – Strategy:

Depending on the position or role, you should plan a different approach. For example, an executive and a project head have very different job profiles. Observe that both will have the same overarching objective to get better at what they do. Besides, anybody wants to enjoy their work more to hopefully make more money. Remember that the principles are always constant, but the nuances and subtleties will keep varying.

Please pay some attention to this statement; defining expectations is just as crucial as setting goals (goals is different from expectation). 

However, if you simply state your expectation without being persuasive to your team, it could lead to a bad or at least an unwanted effect. In general, people tend to have faith in their own talents when they feel that others believe in them. That is how an employee will announce his accountability and become a trustworthy team member.

Make sure that your goals and expectations are in line with your company’s strategy and goals. Otherwise, the team can easily be carried away by some misconceptions. Once they are misled, no one will accomplish their goals, as the team is disorganized.

Looking for opportunities should be a part of the team evaluation process. Meanwhile, it is common to come across certain people who might excel in different positions within the organization, but they would never reach their full potential in their current capacity. In such a case, reassign someone to a better role for them, then you can see the benefits to the person and eventually the firm.

2. Growth and Improvement:

Observe how your staff is functioning! Also, observe if they have any knowledge gaps that need to be filled in order to determine that your Performance management review has done its job well.

Unfortunately, few people still view a job only as a limited source of helping you pay bills. But, a job must be satisfying in order to give workers a sense of accomplishment, opportunity, and growth. However, life needs to be spiced up otherwise it becomes terribly routine and uninteresting.

To accomplish your company’s objective to grow and improve, provide your staff with some training and development practices. Through this, employees will have the opportunity to grow. With that motive, introduce them to more internal training, day release, or internet resources. 

Because if you develop your workforce, it will help your company’s financial performance to develop.

3. Crucial Performance Management Elements:

While assessing the team’s Performance Management reviews in your company, it is necessary to include some crucial parameters to document and address the issues that develop. Below are some for your reference!


Any rule, anywhere ought to be consistent and impartial. So, avoid situations where a rule applies to one individual but not another. Management’s engagement with the team should be fair. There is no need to treat one set of employees or one individual unfairly in favor of/different from others.


Always be sure while recording the performance, statements, or results of your tea. Try to capture exactly what it is instead of your own interpretation. 


A business owner or manager must be adaptable enough to accommodate adjustments, personnel growth, and development. Because employee engagement calls to keep the workforce content as the content team is more likely to be productive.

4. Observe and Act Accordingly:

If you are gathering the data or information, then you must share it with your team and put it to use. To make all your plans work in place, you must carefully document, review, and offer appropriate feedback to the individual, team, and department levels.

Team collaboration can be achieved through feedback that might be monthly, quarterly, or even yearly although the little benefit is gained. This frequency of the feedback cycles depends on individual and corporate preferences. When studying performance measurement, remember that it is always different how performance is measured between organizations. As per the company norms, the product they deal with and their position in the market are based on output, some on sales, and some on service levels. The specific firm will be the only one to understand its employee engagement and which unique matrix applies to its business.

To be clear, there are a number of options to record Performance Management measurements. Subscribe to Vitel Global Communications for the best team collaboration software with its advanced calling features. 

“Please be informed that feedback will be effective only if both parties agree on it.”

5. Rewards and Incentives:

It is a human tendency to understand that people often expect rewards, significantly when they outperform deadlines and excel. And yeah! On such an occasion, their brains start anticipating a reward from a basket of various options such as: 

  • An increment in remuneration
  • A one-time bonus (a yearly one) can help in employee engagement
  • Business Shares
  • Better positions
  • Additional vacation time 
  • Promotion
  • The most common expectation is an incentive because it is worthwhile and relevant.

6. Tips for Performance Management:

This is a small note of some tips to improve performance management at the workplace. Because you should consider the importance of performance management in a company and recognize it. It is pretty simple to understand, first of all, replace yourself in the shoes of an employee and observe; it is easy to understand. When engagement is expected to be mutual, then 

  1. As a business leader, your needs must be considered and addressed. 
  2. Your staff must comprehend every little thing that company does for productivity
  3. Employ your data in a correct way
  4. Conduct employee development programs and reviews. It can support the growth of your teams.
  5. Simplify your goals with short, mid, and long-term plans.


This is a vast subject, and the deeper you go, the deeper it gets!

Employee engagement is a responsibility and can be accomplished with a lot of homework, in fact. It is not the force you apply but the motivation you generate among your team members that can lead your company towards productivity and future goals sooner.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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How omnichannel creates seamless customer service experience

Omnichannel communication is the new trend among businesses today. It is obvious that there is immense competition among businesses, customers, and other transition sectors to interact with each other. It is to accept that the business environment is constantly changing along with the shopping patterns of the customers. People today need communication technology without disruption, which is entirely different from traditional ones.

Introduction to Omnichannel Communication:

However, with the introduction of Omnichannel Communication, there are more touch points than ever before. Customers can reach out to companies through various communication platforms that are involved in a customer’s path to completing a purchase. In fact, as per a recent study, for every purchase a customer makes, he/she will interact with your organization around 5-10 times.

Additionally, thanks to technology because clients are readily planning when and how they interact with your company. They got a bunch of options to connect, such as social media, your website, phone, and app, or in person. They can contact your company through any mobile device like phones, tablets or laptops.

Business owners are embracing multichannel marketing. They employ a variety of techniques to connect with service clients and prospects. They may include SMS, email, brochure, website or social media. Now, we will provide insight into how omnichannel creates a seamless customer experience. 

Differences in Consumer Experience:

However, even if we have various platforms to communicate, it is still a challenge to achieve a consistent customer experience on all of these platforms at the same time. For instance, when a customer calls the company to inquire about a product, the customer service agent may provide information on a product that differs from that on the website. Or, there may be a great difference in the offers and benefits of the products that are purchased online and offline (of the same company).

Therefore, every firm must make a plan to handle the intricate differences between channels to make their deals seamless and unnoticeable to the customer.

Introduction to Omnichannel Marketing:

Suppose you want to create an integrated and consistent customer experience across all channels. In that case, it is time to deploy the Omnichannel features, as it can assist your company in starting to think from the perspective of your customers.

Omnichannel features

Omnichannel Vs Multichannel:

Nowadays, it is common for most companies to employ multiple channels for sales and customer service. However, it is essential to keep in mind that having several channels is no guarantee of an omnichannel experience for the customers.

Talking about the above, any multichannel firm would have an office, a website, and some social media presence. Yet, each channel runs separately within its own portfolio. A company’s website will obviously have a distinct objective and strategy from its social media page.

But, an omnichannel strategy is tailored to interact with customers across a range of channels. But rather than using a different strategy for every single channel, this will create a seamless and real-time experience. The channels are all woven like a net.

Importance of Seamless Customer Experience:

Regardless of the platform customer contacts from, creating an omnichannel customer experience in cloud-based business communications can make your reach the modern consumer and manage them in an appropriate way at every stage of their purchase. With these updated practices, you can gain immense customer engagement that has a beneficial effect on building loyal and satisfied customer relationships.

There must be No Room for Misconceptions:

The difference between the level of customer care you provide as per your belief and the level of service your clients actually receive is known as the customer service gap. Therefore, it is the responsibility of businesses to provide service if they are selling a product or a service. 

It is an impressive thought to align your company’s vision with client perception. For any support, or even if it is a complaint, customers can interact straight away at their own discretion. Such practice will definitely strengthen your relationship with them. 

Advantages of an Omnichannel Customer Experience:

Once a company starts using an omnichannel customer experience strategy, it can harvest numerous advantages for both its customers and the company. Among the most significant are the following:

Consumers can interact through Multiple Options:

While purchasing, modern consumers always prioritize seamless interaction. They may interact with you in any way that is most comfortable for them. And omnichannel can handle it by keeping relevance if there are a number of integrated channels to reach out to.

Multiply the Audience you serve:

Certain consumer behaviors are crucial at the time they deal with a brand. If you successfully attract a wider diversity of potential clients to your company, the more channels you have open. Besides, collecting customer data through omnichannel experiences offer a wealth of valuable customer information. This information can be utilized to know more about your customers or to update them with new offers and push notifications. 

Retaining Customers and Earning Profits:

According to the approximate statistics, consumers who interact with companies across more than three channels will probably make purchases unbelievably more often than a customer who interacts through 1 channel. Also, we already know that in the present day, consumers prefer online shopping more than offline purchases.

Mobile-Friendly Communication:

As a product seller or a service provider, you must always be there for your customers. Today’s technology helps you to understand the interests and behavior of your consumers easily. For this to work, you must deploy the best channels and touchpoints to engage with them. Because people often switch between several only for this reason.

And, in order to generate a consistent omnichannel client experience, your customer service should be available through mobile-friendly apps where customers can directly interact with your support team.

CRM and Customer Care Integration:

By comparison, customers call customer service for assistance or to complain. Hence, repeating the question might annoy them. So, you can create omnichannel consumer engagement by integrating your contact center software with CRM Integration.

By taking such steps, if the client calls the system, the agent can quickly continue where the previous agent left the call. The agent can see the customer’s complete history of all the calls and the recent purchases/exchanges. 

Customer Self-Service:

It is not new that when there is a lack of a particular service, the majority of clients will point it out with a demand for installation. Self-service support options from businesses are among them. Through this customers can assist themselves and solve their issues. Self-service is becoming a common option for businesses to employ as a result of the demands of the millennials.

Customer-Focused Perspective:

Today’s customers are active participants in marketing initiatives. Hence, start your marketing efforts thinking from the customer perspective, what we call the outside-in. Because this is the correct way to identify the communication channels and tools to attract them, meet their needs, and provoke them to make a purchase.

Adopting an omnichannel approach can give your company a competitive pace and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Conclusion: The future of customer service:

The motive of omnichannel customer service is to be available everywhere to serve the clients. By deploying it, companies can be prepared to give more seamless, personalized, and consistent customer service. Use any type of channel to communicate. The only idea is to get the result of customers having many touchpoints. It’s very simple to interpret.

We hope that you are looking to take the best course of action to switch to an omnichannel consumer experience. We are here to commit fully and execute it flawlessly.

Vitel Global is equipped with an expert team for the same, and we are just a call away to reach out. We promise the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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What is a Call Parking and how does this work?

Call Parking

Call Parking is a feature specially designed for business organizations and it is used to put the call on hold so that anyone among the staff with access can answer it. 

Cloud computing refers to a virtual world and Call Parking features can put an active call on hold in a virtual waiting area. The call waiting area might be the cloud or an internally hosted server. It is one of the essential business phone features to handle incoming calls at times of high flow. 

In such a situation, another agent can take the call on a different line. Sometimes, these options are useful to gather more data before helping the caller. Mostly made for the sales and customer care department, call parking is a useful tool for businesses with large call volumes. By using this, agents manage calls more effectively and enhance the customer experience overall.

What do Call Parking features do?

This Call Park option found on the majority of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are pre-programmed to put the calls on hold or respond if intended. On the active call interface, phone system providers provide this option on the desktop and mobile application packages. Below is a detailed description of this;

When a customer calls the organization if the agent wants sometime or any guidance/assistance to solve the concern, the agent can put the call on hold/park the call by pressing the “Call Park” option on the desk phone or call application (while using a softphone app) in the middle of the conversation.

Now, this call is transferred to the business cloud and will be identified with an unused extension. A pre-recorded message or on-hold music will play while the caller waits. Some organizations tend to promote their upcoming offers while the customer is on hold.

In order to continue the call, the agent must determine whether to wait for another agent or if there is a need to gather more information about the issue or the customer.

Later, an agent will contact the extension number to pick up the call in order to continue the chat. 

Call Parking Features

Types of Call Parking:

Call parking is majorly classified into three types. They are:

Simple Call Parking:

This is a very basic type where you can place an active call on a holding area, and any agent among the staff with access will pick it up. The call is expected to be answered soon.

Benefit: This option can decrease the number of callbacks and voicemail messages. This is very helpful at times businesses deal with an unexpected flood of calls and messages.

Advanced Call Parking:

Place an ongoing call in a virtual waiting area with background music or pre-recorded messages played. It might take some time for the agent to answer as he/she has to collect data related to the customer or wait for any other agent.

Benefit: This can help the organization by lowering the number of hang-ups with personalized tracks. It can retain customers offering the best ways to establish your brand.

Private Call Parking:

This option places important calls in private park areas. Agents who have admin permissions can see them.

Benefit: This can maintain the confidentiality of the customers who pay high and are loyal. 

What are the advantages of Call Parking?

Businesses, especially those managing high call volumes every day and those whose agents aren’t always at their desks to answer calls, might profit greatly from call parking. The advantages of including call parking in your call management system are as follows:

Handling a Huge Numbers of Calls Simultaneously:

Call parking is perfect for sales and support industries, such as large customer care centers and contact centers of MNCs. Call park can handle heavy loads of incoming phone lines. Callers are routed to distinct lines that anyone in the firm can access immediately.

Better Agent productivity:

This option can assist the agents with access to a steady stream of incoming callers who want assistance. 

Customer Satisfaction: 

Call Parking allows other agents to pick up incoming calls which are at a virtual parking lot eliminating voicemail dead ends. Also, it enables self-service to the customer by guiding them to voicemail without an agent to help.

Call Parking Must be personalized:

If you want to deploy call parking beforehand, it is important to check your provider’s settings. By doing this, you may know how to change the features of call parking that can perfectly fit your business’s preferences. Additionally, you should have access to permission-based settings. It is assumed that only authorized and qualified agents will take the call. Meanwhile, with the intention of providing a better customer experience, you can add music to keep parked callers engaged.

Call Park helps if you are Unavailable:

You can use call parking at times you are not available to answer. By this, you can let other agents take the call even if you are unable to solve the customer’s problem. Also, as already discussed, if you want to gather some previous information about the caller or his issue (if it reoccurs), call parking can be a great help for you while searching for his data. This is how you can assure your organization by retaining customers as well as having a better customer experience. 

Long Wait Times should be reduced:

When a customer calls an organization, keeping the customer on hold for a long time is one of the most frustrating aspects of the client support system. Hence, agents will have the option to answer a parked call as soon as possible.

However, if the caller is forced to wait more than 5 minutes, it annoys the caller. So, it is better to check for another agent before the caller is parked so that his concern can be addressed as soon as possible. Remember if possible, inform the customer in a humble manner that your team will get back to him within five minutes maximum.

Best Practices of Call Parking Feature:

Call parking enables you to park in critical situations when there is a huge volume of incoming calls. Simultaneously, you must know the correct ways and the results to deploy it in the office. But this new business phone feature can comfort your customer and improve staff productivity.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to use it correctly and improperly. The best practices listed below offer detailed advice on utilizing call parking.

Bottom Line:

In general, call parking can benefit businesses with various teams, especially while handling large call volumes. Call parking is similar to automatic call distribution, but it transfers calls in different ways as per the need. It can allow any agent with access to pick up a parked call. And, this is how technology can assist businesses in providing excellent customer service and optimizing call center staff.

 As VoIP technology is currently ruling the entire telecom industry with specially tailored services such as SIP Trunking, API integration, etc. Business operations have reached a point of ease.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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