Cloud based phone solutions

How Vitel Global Communications Enhances Businesses Through Omnipresence

Business phone services are the new trend in the field of business. They offer several features that can facilitate advanced calling in the organization and simplify the process of business communication. These features are also affordable and reliable, making them more attractive to companies. We all know how vital business communication is in any organization. […]

Remote patient monitoring

What are the benefits of remote patient monitoring solutions?

The global spread of COVID-19 infections has prompted significant shifts in the healthcare sector. Technology helped us at that time with telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions. Numerous organizations have implemented telehealth solutions to assist patients and medical staff. Because it was a time when everyone had to remain socially distant as possible to prevent […]

Business solutions

Business Solutions for the Educational Sector

Business Solutions always go hand in hand with the educational sector, cloud phone technology is a method created to develop interaction and communication is easier and more affordable for organizations. Here, the educational sector is not an exception. Previously, when traditionally people used to rely on traditional telecommunications infrastructure to communicate with their partners, employees, […]

6 Ways VoIP Transformed Hospitality Industries

6 Ways VoIP Transformed Hospitality Industries

Communication is the important factor that hooks or crooks in many fields, one such field where communication plays a vital role is the hospitality industry. This article’s motto is to explain the importance of VOIP in hospitality industry. The key role of communication in the hospitality industry involves the staff members and the customers majorly […]

VoIP in healthcare industry

The Advantages of VoIP-Enabled Healthcare Communication

“VOIP” is a modernized communication tool that has been implemented successfully almost in all fields apart from software industries, and among all the fields healthcare industry has been experiencing tremendous positive results in day-out operations. As healthcare assistants, professionals, and other concerned people need to perform multiple tasks like keep tracking the health status and […]

role of voip in financial industry

What Role Does VoIP Play In The Financial Services Industry?

Virtual phone systems or VoIP play a key role in improving the productivity of organizations irrespective of their size and field. One such field where huge benefits are achieved gained by implementing VoIP phone systems for business communications is the “financial industry”. Many organizations in the financial sector have upgraded their traditional phone systems to […]