AI-Driven Cloud Telephony

AI-Driven Cloud Telephony: A New Era of Intelligent Communication

Reading Time: 4 minutes AI-driven cloud telephony has revolutionized communication and impacted the provider’s services. The scenario changes when a connection is developed with a cloud-based setup and AI. What does the phrase AI-Driven Cloud Technology mean? Business phone system involves AI features with the help of cloud telephone driven by AI. To do this, artificial intelligence technology must […]

Business Technology Trends

The Future of Business Technology: Trends to Watch

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently, Cloud-based technologies and cloud storage have been booming. When considering the future of technology in business and creating a successful company, it is essential to have a clear idea of what trends are going on in the cloud sector. Cloud technologies have been beneficial for businesses in various parts of the world. Business owners […]

AI In Virtual Meetings

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Meetings

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hosting virtual meetings has become quite common in any organization after the pandemic. There are several factors why companies and employees prefer to host virtual meetings. But the demand for them has not reduced a bit for whatever reason. According to a few researchers, the need for these will only grow with the period. In […]

AI conversation

AI Conversation: What Does the Future Hold?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that can perform tasks (like thinking) that usually require intelligence when done by humans. It means an artificial intelligence system can learn and, more importantly, teach itself. Technology is moving fast; if you still need to become familiar with it, you may wonder what the fuss is about with […]