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Even though Cloud business phone is the most advanced calling system today, there are certain issues that have to be addressed. 

While dealing with certain technical issues such as jitter, users cannot easily wait to speak with a support agent. And it is obvious that it is not what you look for in the automated routing messages to the random disconnections.

Due to this, we must be aware of some fundamental steps that can help when your VoIP business phone has issues. If you start troubleshooting a bit earlier, you can catch some potential issues to rectify even before the requirement of a tech support representative.

Network Connectivity Issues:

Internet connectivity can cause severe problems as cloud telephony is entirely based on the internet. Also, a few times, this issue includes issues related to devices and security concerns. So, use the method of elimination and fix every problem by going through the following steps. 

Problems Local Area Network (LAN):

Most of the time, Network and Local Area Network issues involve personal computers or the hardware that connects them to the internet. Typically, this could be addressed as a router issue that you have the wrong router for cloud telephony.

It is important to understand that a router must be prioritized for internet calls. We call this Quality of Service (QoS). Cloud calls are given priority over less important network traffic. This feature is available on most modern broadband routers. Suppose you don’t set it up, you might have issues with the quality of your calls.

Proper Operation of your LAN:

In simple steps, unplug the router’s power cord. Wait for a few seconds and connect the cord once more. Now, configure VoIP QoS settings. Disable SIP ALG to check your router’s firmware for updates. Let’s go with an elaborate study now. 

Reset your Router, Devices and check the Wiring:

Although your hardware connectivity is good, it is better to check the wiring of your equipment in the first place. Make sure that each piece of hardware is plugged in correctly.

The next step is to unplug all power cords and wait for them to stand for thirty seconds. Now, you can reconnect them. Wait until all of the lights come back on. This gives your switch and systems administration gear a new initiation and clears any essential issues they might have insight into.

Please focus on setting up your router to suit cloud calling. This means confirming that your router supports internet telephony QoS (Quality of Service) settings. Also, check that they are enabled. Although each router is unique, it can be commonly said that the majority of QoS settings are located in the management interface.

Upgrade the router:

Sometimes even the router’s settings don’t help and the issue still persists. At that time, a new router might be needed. Your cloud calling experience can be significantly enhanced by upgrading to a dual-band router. It would be better to consider open-source firmware as some vendors might deny support. 

Phone and Voice Quality Checking:

To do this, cover the speaker of your phone. While doing this, you need to turn down the volume of your earpiece or speakers so that you can see if the echo, buzzing, or interference vanishes.

Transfer the Router:

There are times when the appliances around it can influence the performance of the router. If that is the case, keep the router away from the fans, power strips, and even a computer monitor. In rare cases, they cause obstruction by being excessively close.

Check Equipment that serves as a link:

Look for splitters or any caller ID gadgets connected to your phone and router. Because if you directly connect your phone and the router, it is possible to eliminate the need for third-party equipment. So, try to get around a particular piece of equipment, and the problem probably goes away immediately.

Examine the wiring:

Check the wiring to make sure that all cables and wires are dry and not very long. Check for any outdated equipment to avoid poor voice quality from a lengthy wire. Maybe it is time to replace the old ones with a new phone, microphone, or headset if you’ve had them for a long time. Because poor voice quality can most probably result from outdated equipment.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Issues:

As we have already discussed LAN, another common set of issues that can result in a variety of issues are related to the Wide Area Network or WAN short. The problems WAN creates aren’t always present in your equipment or surrounding area as we have seen in the case of previous problems. But the most common problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) come into this category.

It is to remember on purpose that some internet bundles work fine for streaming and surfing the web but they might not work for internet telephony. Cloud business phones necessitate the transportation of digital voice packets.

It works with a different set of internet protocols. Your ISP might not be able to provide those requirements. So, you must have a business-class internet bundle that can allow you to use cloud services before you start troubleshooting it.

Conduct a bandwidth and speed test as it is a speed test that is simple to use and to find out whether your network supports cloud technology. Now, you should determine how many IP phones can be efficiently handled by your network. And the answer to this is its speed; the internet speed determines the efficiency. Assure that your computer is plugged directly into the modem prior to the test.

Check for Packet Loss:

It is a much-known condition known as packet loss. It occurs when data packets are correctly transmitted from one terminal of a connection but do not reach their intended terminal (destination). Hopefully, poor network conditions and sometimes internet congestion are the cause of this. Data packet transmission is necessary for cloud calling services to function.

System Security:

System security always takes the highest stand. Because cloud calling phones are connected to the internet. We know that anything that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to security threats and hackers. Security issues can have an impact on the overall performance of the business phone system including its call quality as well as the customer data. Therefore, you should immediately address any security concerns you may have regarding your cloud system security.

Resetting Passwords:

Yes! It is true that your company’s cloud service credentials can be hacked. This can allow unauthorized users to make costly calls. The other risk of this is that hackers can gain access to listen to calls that are already in progress using your credentials. In case you assume your secret key has been compromised it is better to reset all the passwords. Also, as you maintain sensitive customer and company data in your cloud/ SIP systems, it is a good thought to regularly update passwords.

Install Security Layers and Firewalls:

The advanced and the most essential version of posing security is installing security layers and firewalls. 

You can contact your administrator and set up a firewall for your business phone systems. Typically, these firewalls are capable of shutting down a session when a call is over. These programs can restrict the kind of traffic allowed.

Hence, find a security system that can work with your business phone cloud services. If your security system doesn’t work with your system, it could be a problem. For this to rectify, contact and check with your internet calling service specialist who has expertise in similarity with specific security frameworks.


The issues discussed above are common but not permanent or serious issues. They can be easily rectified and with little foresight, these issues can be prevented either. The best practice is to check all the service amenities regularly. 

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Published: December 1st, 2022

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