How to Create a Digital Workplace that Empowers your Workforce

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In today’s workplace, success is not just driven by your skills and knowledge. The digital connection also drives the workplace environment. The more technology you are, the better. The power of this digital workplace is that it requires us to think differently about the way we work.

An environment that is not only wired but a digital workplace needs to consider these different working preferences and expectations when shaping our spaces.

By creating a digital workplace that considers the needs of both employees and the company, its success will be fueled by the power of this connectedness. The days of holding onto a desk are long gone. A digital workplace is flexible, adaptable, and in tune with the needs of an evolving business.

To ensure your workplace is ready for this future, you must first understand what your employees want and how they prefer to work. What is driving them today?

What is Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace is a business environment through technology. It’s often but only sometimes remote, enabling companies to work anytime, anywhere.

More remote employees say they’re less productive than their co-workers who are physically present.

Strategies for the office are specific to whether you’re a freelancer or a remote employee of a company. Freelancers will need strategies for self-management, and others may take on communication and collaboration tasks better done with video conferencing software like Skype or over email and phone calls alone. Remote employees usually benefit most from living near their company, so they have easy access to meetings and other vital workplace activities that can’t be done remotely in some cases (such as visiting your colleagues). For instance, research shows that more than half of organizations with remote employees have found a way to use teleconferencing to keep their employees close together, which makes the technology a huge benefit for the workplace.

It is a new way of working. It’s more than flexible hours, increased productivity, and greater efficiency. It’s also about adapting to the changing nature of work that technology is forcing upon us in this century. The digital workplace presents challenges and benefits we’re just starting to understand.

In some ways, the digital workplace surprises us because it is easier than it is to get things done on our own. We can’t blame ourselves for taking a somewhat traditional approach.

With phones and computers available everywhere, cell phones and emails are two tools we’ve relied upon to get things done without fully understanding how to maximize them or check them for messages in between getting our real work done.


The first thing we need to do is decide our goals for building a successful digital workspace and look at the resources available to us to achieve them.

Resources are the tools or materials you will use to build your digital workplace. You can think of these as your workspace’s foundations, cabinets, and floorboards.

Resources integrated with CRM business phones are used for better results. These resources include centralized software systems, specialized business systems, and tools customizable for your specific niche and goals.

No matter what type/size business you belong to, there will be at least one resource in this list that is adaptable for use in your digital workplace.

Resources available for us to build a successful digital workspace and develop strategies. We will then dive into the goals we want to achieve with our new digital workspace and look at the various available tools.

Digital Workspace that Empowers the Force 

Digital workplace Understanding your employees and their performance expectations should be the first step in creating a digital workplace that empowers your employees. It is where your organization’s vision and strategy come into play. The digital transformation mindset needs to start among the leadership team, whether changing how it hires and works or making a whole company look at its current processes.

Once you know what an employee wants and how they work, you can start designing a digital workplace that supports them. It will be a future-centric workspace with technology that simplifies their workflows, supporting decision-making when it matters and enabling collaboration through technology tools like messaging solutions. It is a workplace that connects them to the people.  They work 99% of the time and allows them to be highly productive.

When you consider how an employee works, you can create a digital workplace that empowers your employees. This happens by taking into account their needs and expectations.

The right technology can facilitate timely decision-making, increase productivity, and allow them to build any project they want and keep in touch with colleagues through easy access and understanding of information.

We’re living in the digital workplace era, and it’s time to start thinking differently about how we want our workplace to be. The workplace has come a long way since its inception centuries ago, but the one thing that has yet to change is how we express ourselves. Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and it is now possible for us to change that.

The first thing you need to understand is the concept of individuality within a workplace. People spend most of their waking life in the workplace. They want to feel that their experience is valuable while there. We can change our workplaces in many ways so that people feel more like they belong there. They should not feel like they’re just a number on some spreadsheet or an object in a factory line.

Some of the Top Workplace Characteristics Employees Value 

  • Clarity with goals and expectations
  • Appreciation meets
  • Trust
  • Flexibility and balance work life
  • Plan to reach full potential
  • Communications using business phone service
  • Maintaining Proper engagements

​The most important thing to realize is that the employees are why the company succeeds. If they don’t like their workplace, working hard will be hard for them, and their productivity will decrease. Treat your company as if it’s a person, not just a product or company. You have much control over this trait and can change it anytime because everyone is unique.

Your workspace should represent a representation of you as a person. No two people are the same, and no two workspaces should be the same. Let’s look at common workplace characteristics and how we can change them to fit our personalities.


These are simple steps to build a more positive and productive work environment at your company. It finally concludes that you know your digital workplace is vital to your business success.

I hope you will experience a more and more digital workplace that empowers your workforce.

Published: March 10th, 2023

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