Rethinking Your Business Phone Systems: The Benefits of Going Cloud

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Business phone systems were developed to replace landlines and local PBX systems. And the call quality is comparatively superior to both landline and mobile calls. Nevertheless, cloud technology is constantly evolving and improving. Today, it has a more significant impact on business communications.

In this article, we will focus on how cloud phone technology can take over your business operations better than before. For that reason, apart from the known benefits, we shall discuss the future evolution of cloud telephony that can overwhelm the necessity of human resources.

Below are the prime fields that can lead to a quick transformation of cloud technology. And it can change the face of business communications.

Today’s Popular 5G Network:

Once consider several use cases that the 4G network offered till now before the introduction of 5G. Smart homes, remote monitoring, video calling, remote work, and other applications include 4G’s use cases. In addition, communication speed and latency will take a significant improvement with 5G, especially in the case of video conferencing.

Work from Anywhere with Smartphone Apps:

When switching to business phone systems, it is common for many firms to concentrate on desk phones. But mobile integration is the wave of the upcoming future. When smartphones are sufficiently strong, cloud-based mobile integration will overtake and eventually replace the old systems. Hence, you may utilize your softphone app to work from any place. You can contribute to a project while travelling if you’re in a distant location with internet connectivity.

The Gradual Extinction of the Analog Phones:

Many people and businesses still use conventional landline phones, and their use is declining every year. Advanced smartphones and complex cloud platforms that may support versatile communication platforms have been developed in response to the requirement for more effective and modern communication.

Educational Organizations are Adopting Cloud Technology:

It is not a wonder that communications systems are used in schools today. It might be online education, seminars, or an in-class collaboration. Schools are utilizing unified communications capabilities to improve interactive learning. Furthermore, the growing need for mobility in education anticipates the cloud industry to expand quickly.

Internet calling even enables people to access real-time remote communication between teachers, students, staff and parents as well. With the help of UCaaS, school administrators can text or call parents in case of an emergency using softphones.

UCaaS with AI Features:

Integrating the use of AI in business phone systems is promising. It has already entered organizations and utilized voice recognition and chatbots. With the help of AI, it is possible to analyze client calls to learn more about them. Suppose how well you can deal with things if you have prior information about what they say, call quality, the effect of advertising, and customers’ response to your goods and services.

AI in cloud technology can also notify you of insufficient bandwidth, latency, and faulty networks before they affect you.

Integration of Enterprise Software with a Cloud:

Cloud technology can surpass PSTN since it was built. Thus, it is far more adapted to modern corporate workflow. Cloud phone integration with business applications offers a host of advantages, including better productivity.

Service providers are connecting their cloud systems with related application services as dependence on the cloud grows. Integration of these systems will soon change, being the choice of many firms.

Unified Communications:

For enterprises worldwide, it is necessary to have the ability to combine and integrate many communication channels into a single platform with a common interface. Also, this practice can offer a wide range of universal advantages, including increased productivity and Omni channel interaction with better efficiency.

UC enables you to access various channels, including voice, video and instant messaging. On the other hand, cloud phones typically use the foundation upon which other protocols and apps are involved to enable UC.

Few businesses that have used cloud services for a long time have switched to UC. But, experts expect that this will continue to rise in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Technology:

We know that the Internet of Things (IoT) links various devices to the internet. The most common things include computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions.

So, these interconnected gadgets are able to send and receive data. This can simplify the operational procedures of current enterprises. Factually, devices with internet connectivity can exchange data with other networked objects, which is the idea of the internet of things.

Now imagine a day in the future when employees can design their workspace and desk phones and even control other appliances from their cloud phones. With that being said, telecommuting, co-working, and remote working can be accelerated. This can help improve skills, and all depend on IoT penetration.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Phone Expansion among Small Enterprises:

Business phone systems are a good choice for a small business. Because it is not only portable but also reasonably priced. Also, in comparison with conventional phone systems, cloud functions are significantly more enticing.

Now, small businesses may gain access to flawless phone service, cloud access, and scaling bandwidth. In addition, small businesses can employ their financial capability towards their product inventory because it saves significant amounts of capital infusion.

Customer Support:

Remember that it is not a wonder if someone claims that artificial intelligence can rule in the coming decades. The business world’s facets, such as sales and support, have been equipped with AI.

Customer support with artificial intelligence is commonplace. Your agents can access real-time sentiment analysis with AI solutions. It can aid them in directing their customer contact strategy during customer interaction. Other advantages of AI in customer service are surplus. Besides, it is used by sales and support staff to measure KPIs that are untraceable.

Overall, there are many ways that AI can benefit sales and customer support representatives. It’s undoubted that many of them are on the right track with their endless benefits.

Cloud Security:

Businesses today continue to face more frequent challenges from cyber threats. This happens with cloud technology too. Risks are constantly prevalent, and they can pose a threat to business phone networks.

Hence, today’s business owners understand the value of cybersecurity. After all, a data breach can cause company data disruption and discontinuity. Also, it can prompt expensive legal action. Such incidents can affect the business’s reputation and restrict its expansion and goodwill.


Eventually, any business can ensure a superior customer experience with cloud technology. In the future, cloud systems can offer convenience as new features flow the next day. Today, communication plays a crucial role, and business phones can bridge the digital gap it is more than simple communication helping information and insights to expand.

Business leaders must understand that modern cloud phones go above and beyond to help agents with productivity and handle common difficulties more successfully.

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Published: December 20th, 2022

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