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What is Call Management Software?

In order to assist your organization while managing and controlling all incoming and outgoing calls, a Call management software routes call with telephone systems in accordance with predetermined parameters.

A call management system in a business phone solution carries out many tasks. It distributes calls using data, calls time, or call location. In addition to IVR menus, you can also find hunt groups and call queues. Integrating your company’s call management system with CRM can improve the client experience through many features and effective call handlers.

You should understand that the rules employed by the software vary based on the type of routing. Because call management software employs predetermined parameters to route calls.

The routing of calls using a time-based approach is one option in call management software. It routes the calls made during business hours to voicemail or support personnel in different time zones.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Through cloud-based CRM integration, Customer relationship management software and your business phone system can better track and manage sales leads, prospects, and clients.

Also, productivity increases by minimizing the time spent on manually entering data into your systems (say Lead Management System). Additionally, it is easier to manage each client’s data so that it is constantly available wherever you need access.

You might use cloud telephony for all or some of your company communications, and integrating it with your CRM system will help you keep everything in one platform.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of integrating your company’s call management system of your business phone solution with CRM for the best productivity. It is a detailed insight and we hope that it would be a tool for a better understanding!

Detailed Analytics for Better Sales:

With the use of CRM integration, businesses can stop guesswork about the outcomes of their efforts. They can observe the genuine impact on their sales department, which can also assist to increase sales.

These operations can be thoroughly examined by business intelligence to determine their effectiveness and true Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, you can also check the access that contact center employees have to the call logs that consist of the vital information that enhances the sales process.

Schedule Phone Calls While Handling Reminders:

By integrating CRM, your team will start to follow up with your current and potential clients more effectively with the least monitoring.

Now, you may arrange various call activities while developing sales processes that are exclusive to your company. You can also establish automated reminders. These actions ensure your team’s compliance at each level while also dramatically increasing your company’s productivity.

Specific Client Information:

Once you have integrated your business phone with CRM, you can find a window that shows all necessary information about the customer on the other end of the line.

If you want to know about a business opponent and get ready for meetings, gaining access to the customer’s profile is very simple. You can examine the history of previous requests, transactions, and communications.

Lead management: 

It is possible for the managers to monitor all group actions. Thorough monitoring allows for the gathering of all information in one place. The progress of the efforts made to get in touch with prospects is clearly visible to the business representatives. The description of ongoing calls and the process can both be entered by agents.

Customer Service:

Agents can easily access customer data with the help of CRM. Also, they spend less time looking for information and more time speaking with customers on the phone. Because they have features like interactive voice response (IVR), that route calls to the appropriate agent and gives customers options like menu-based choices and on-hold music. Customer service improves when the cloud phone system is integrated with the CRM system.

Call Queues:

CRM creates call queues when integrated with cloud phone systems. It makes it possible to handle customer service more effectively and ensures that every customer gets the time and attention they require. Besides, no call goes unanswered.

Increased revenue, more adaptability, and transparency:

In today’s fast-paced, digitally driven world, many businesses are moving their phone systems to cloud telephony. The reason for this decision is, Cloud phone service providers offer lower prices, greater flexibility, and easier scalability to business solutions. To meet the needs of their customers, cloud calling also evolves and adds new, cutting-edge integrations and capabilities.

On the other hand, every company is constantly searching for novel ways to improve communication so that they can speed up sales. CRM Integration software is the best step in that approach for this objective.

All business communications with clients, prospects and partners/stakeholders can be better tracked now. It also promotes a customer-centric mindset that allows you full access to all client data in one place.

Call management software

Enhanced Outbound Calling: 

Improved outbound calls prevent manual dialing to consumer phone numbers when you combine technology and software. However, click-to-dial functionalities are available to agents right from your CRM interface. With this technical support, agents can easily reach clients or prospects more rapidly. Additionally, there is less danger of a misdial because the complete calling system is automated.


With all these technical advancements, employees can focus on multiple tasks at once. Also, the efficiency of the entire business improves. This automation of tasks like dialing and call routing is possible by the characteristics of cloud PBX systems. They free up valuable employee time to take more customer calls or engage in other business-related activities.

Leadership Management Opportunities:

With the best combination of business cloud phone systems and CRM interface, all necessary data is accessible in one place. This allows your employees to view prior transactions and customer interactions in CRM through calls made and received on the cloud phone system. Additionally, it offers a complete picture of how each client has interacted with your business.


Something that is of crucial concern is that the business and communication sectors are distinct. Effective communication is the only element that forges a solid connection between businesses and their prospects. Furthermore, a company’s communication with its customers has a visible impact on its growth. Because of this condition, it is important for a firm to run its communication system effectively.

So, organizations must implement a winning strategy to establish a system. By managing business calls well, they can provide amazing customer service. Hence, businesses may easily manage and answer their customer calls with the help of call management software. You can enhance the on-call experience of other stakeholders in addition to your prospects by using call management software.

What Vitel Global suggests!

If you intend to manage your business operations more efficiently, we suggest integrating your Cloud phone system with the CRM program. Because they can simplify the task to an easier form than ever for sales teams. Teams can obtain the vital information they want so that they can provide exceptional customer service. Additionally, it may aid in completing more business transactions. The products and services that sales teams can recommend to customers are up to them. Hence, if they have accurate consumer data on hand, they can also determine the best time to contact them.

To know more about CRM integrations and Call Management Systems, Vitel Global India is a cloud-based phone solution that is best in class and includes fully secured, cross-channel communication. It enables your agents to seamlessly shift support interactions from one channel to the next. See how it works to learn how Vitel Global India can help you to choose the right communication. Why not request a free demo today?

Published: January 17th, 2023

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