API Integrations

Guide to API Integrations

API stands for Application Programming Interface; APIs are an increasingly common way for one application to integrate with another. AWS is just one of many providers that offer API integration as a service, and deploying a site on AWS is pretty darn easy. But this article will give you the basics for using API Integrations. […]

VoIP API Integration

A Complete Guide to VoIP API Integration and its Importance

What is API integration? An API is a type of interface that makes it easier for two or more software programs to interact and communicate with one another. The term “API Integration” describes this frictionless interconnection that enables businesses to boost data sharing and integration across multiple apps and systems as well as automate business […]

Benefits of API Integration

Benefits of API Integration and the Techniques Involved

API means an Application Programming Interface that processes requests and delivers uninterrupted functioning of enterprise systems. It enables interaction between applications, data, and devices of an enterprise. Simply, it’s an online interface between two or more applications in any organization. It helps to communicate between any number of applications or web tools implemented in software […]


How to integrate an API with a VoIP phone?

In this blog, we ensure our readers know about the terms VoIP, and API and how to integrate the technology with the interface. First, let’s see the definition of VoIP. Introduction Of API Integration With VoIP Phone: VoIP (voice over internet protocol): VoIP, is a technology that helps us to make voice calls using an internet […]