Inbound or Outbound - IVR

Choosing an IVR System for your Call Center: Inbound Or Outbound?

Call centers incur a significant cost in any industry, with an average expense. Organizations can save money by considering an IVR system for their contact center solutions as a cost-effective alternative to live agents. The advantages of IVR services are many. Organizations will see significant savings and reduced overhead costs without needing on-site staffing and using […]

sales leads strategies

4 Ways to Boost Sales Leads with Cloud-Telephony 

Cloud-telephony allows businesses and consumers to communicate over the Internet instead of through the traditional phone infrastructure. Nowadays, it is common for businesses to use VoIP phone solutions, which allows individuals who live in different parts of the world to speak with each other easily. With this, your company can have an office in every time […]

Cloud-based solutions

How to Choose a Cloud Calling Service Provider that Meets your Needs

The importance of cloud calling service in every company is rapidly rising. Unlike in earlier days, companies now prefer strengthening their existing business communications to achieve their goals and to take steps towards growth. These phone services play a significant role in successfully running an organization’s operations and maintaining a smooth flow. Ever since these […]

Cloud PBX Solutions

SIX Ways to Improve your Profitability with Cloud PBX Solutions

A cloud PBX is a software-based telephone system that uses the internet to link to virtual telephone lines and extensions. Cloud PBX solutions are designed for small and medium-sized companies with 20 to 500 employees, with multiple offices or satellite telephones. If you run a midsize company with multiple office locations, you have tasked your […]


What Indian Startups Need to Know About CloudTelephony

Most Indian startups are familiar with the idea of cloud computing and use it extensively. But some of these businesses might need to be fully aware of the broad range of applications for CloudTelephony tools like web conferencing, online meeting platforms, chat, and messaging services. It’s not a secret that the world is moving closer […]

Cloud Phone Services

Expectations of Businesses on Cloud Phone Services

Cloud phone services are vastly used by businesses nowadays. Many newly established businesses and even large-scale ones are switching to Cloud-based business solutions for their advanced features and affordability. And yes! Businesses expect a log from cloud services as they tend to rely on this service. To understand what they expect from a business phone […]

Cloud Phone Service

Why Small Businesses Need Cloud Phone Solutions

Cloud Phone Solutions are often preferred by startups and small businesses for certain reasons of low cost. After the global epidemic, there is a long-lasting impression on the corporate work culture. Thousands of companies of all sizes across the world are stepping towards hybrid work. Hence today, cloud-based telephony excels by significantly reducing the cost […]

Cloud Telephony

Expert Opinions on the future of Cloud Telephony

The popular Cloud-based business phone solution is preferred today for its advanced features at low costs. Also termed Unified Communication (UCaaS), cloud telephony unifies different communication systems and tools into a single online portal. Cloud telephony features involve video calls, CRM, and internet-based calling in the first step. Besides, the most probable subscriber of cloud […]

Cloud Service

How do Cloud Service Providers help with Privacy and Security concerns?     

Importance of Cloud Service Security The security of Cloud service is crucial for its sensitivity. It encloses all the data related to your business and the customers as well. The concept of this blog is to lay out the security concerns usually faced by companies installing Cloud PBX systems for communication. A Voice over Internet […]

Cloud PBX Service

The future of Cloud PBX Providers

The Prominence of Cloud PBX Providers The major roles that contribute to the success and triumph of business communications are “VOIP service providers or Cloud PBX Providers.” Almost all types of businesses, from small to large, are replacing their old phone systems with modernized ones. Recent surveys and research studies prove that internet telephony services […]