How do Virtual Phone Numbers and Cloud Contact Centres Work?

Virtual phone numbers and cloud contact centers work together to provide the best customer support. The main goal of this system is to solve customers’ problems as soon as possible. When a customer care employee has access to every data and seeks help from any of their team, it is definitely possible.

What is a virtual number?

A phone number that isn’t connected to a specific location is referred to as a virtual phone number that may be any phone, whether VoIP desk phones, mobile phones, or softphones. An employee can place or receive calls using a virtual number that is ideal for office workers as well as individuals who do their business from home.

Below are the benefits of virtual numbers:

  1. Compared to conventional landlines, virtual phone numbers offer greater privacy.
  2. Virtual phone lines are essential for accepting calls from customers all over the world as they provide streamlined channels of communication with their clients.
  3. With a virtual number, you need relatively little physical hardware allowing any device that can access the cloud to answer incoming calls.
  4. To contact locals in different markets, the company can obtain as many virtual phone numbers as it requires from a VoIP service provider. 
  5. A user will have a virtual phone number to follow and the call may be forwarded to various phone numbers in different places.

The following four main categories of virtual phone numbers are commonly used by businesses:

  1. Vanity Numbers: These make use of resonant alphanumeric words or numbers to aid in brand memory.
  2. Toll-free: Customers can make long-distance free calls to toll-free lines, which are national numbers, from any location.
  3. Local numbers: Local phone numbers with specific area codes provide the appearance that a business is more nearby than it is.
  4. Local international numbers, like local numbers, provide the impression that a company is local to international markets.

How do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

A SIM card or a real address is not necessary for virtual phone numbers, in contrast, they accept Voice over Internet Protocol calls (VoIP). These calls are digitalized and connected across regular phone networks and the internet. No matter which VoIP provider you choose, make sure you can transfer your business phone number known as number porting.

Therefore, all you need to make calls is a quick and dependable data connection, such as 4G LTE or Wi-Fi and one can receive calls on a mobile phone using virtual phone numbers. These calls go to the user’s actual phone number.

In IP telephony, they are frequently used for call forwarding services like locate me/follow me as well as to enable long-distance service without incurring long-distance charges. If a VoIP (voice over IP) customer requests a virtual phone number with the specified area code then the call registers as if it were local when someone in that area code contacts the phone number, yet it seamlessly forwards to the client’s actual phone number. 

You need a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone as well as a fast internet connection by cable or Wi-Fi network to make a VoIP call.

Virtual Phone Number Features:

1) Accept calls from anyplace 

2) Contemporary voicemail

3) Direct inward dialling.

4) Automated call answering

5) Auto attendants

6) Caller ID 

Contact Center Definition:

When it comes to contact centers, it is different from a call center. Because call centers only handle inbound or outbound calls as a promotional activity. Call centers mostly focus on sales. 

A contact center is a team that can interact with customers through multiple communication channels such as phone, mail, chat, or even social media. This team might even adapt to the hybrid work culture.

How does a contact center work?

First of all, a contact center’s operations include the following activities.

  1. A versatile access to phone, mail, SMS and video call
  2. Have software integrated with CRM and helpdesk
  3. Automated interaction tools such as IVR to handle call flow and route them properly

Cloud contact centers as discussed above, will work through different communication channels and they need a high-speed internet connection as they also use video calling features frequently. For this, your staff does not need any special hardware or server maintenance. These contact centers use VoIP calling systems to make and receive calls.

Businesses can benefit to a large extent by using cloud-based contact centers. Go through the following benefits of VoIP cloud contact center and the measures you must address before choosing one.

  • Scalability is most recommended because it enables your team to internal expansion of phone lines. It helps remote employees in the enterprise irrespective of the residential location of the employee.
  • VoIP gives a complete communication system that consists of auto attendant. It is a quick solution to the issue and digital extensions are perfectly routed.

Factors you must consider before choosing a VoIP provider:

1. Many service providers integrate VoIP and cloud PBX systems with diverse verbal exchange channels right into a single platform. It allows companies to get rid of searching for various providers for different services to fulfill communication needs so as to enhance performance and compatibility.

2. You must verify the VoIP provider’s plans and pricing, and the wide variety of manufacturers before subscribing to a plan. This will boom the wide variety of clients a VoIP system has. It is certainly considered one among many things to bear in mind whilst deciding on one in your enterprise’s requirements. 

3. Consumer help and VoIP telecom providers have to supply top-notch customer service and must be reachable for required technical support.

4. With Computer Technology Integration (CTI), VoIP service suppliers have to place different servers strategically located for safety. That will guarantee the dependability of their VoIP service.


In simple terms, cloud contact centers are the true spine of the customer support system. Any business is rated by the public by customer service standards. Simultaneously, virtual numbers are the tools that can bring this come true with no geographical limitations.

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