Internet Consumption During Lockdown In India

Internet Consumption During Lockdown In India

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In this blog, we will learn about internet consumption in India and the states which have consumed the most internet consumption.

The most dreadful and dangerous situation faced by every individual across the globe which has changed the lifestyle, and changed the lives of a few countries is COVID-19. Almost all countries have faced the worst impacts in the post-pandemic conditions both in personal and professional ways. But still, the world has taken it as the greatest challenge and even discovered all possible ways to eradicate and save the world from this situation. Many companies, organizations, schools, and every office have started working from home which has shown tremendous work output in a positive way without losing confidence and moral values.

Even companies and organizations have supported their employees morally while working from home and arranged all possible ways to attain and achieve success in the market. The main reason behind the success of every organization in a professional way is ‘the internet’ and even in personal focus, the main entertainment area is successful because of this internet. So, in both ways means an entertainment perspective, and even in a professional way, the world has been placed in your hands just because of the internet. The consumption of the internet has increased a lot because of its implementation by many individuals mainly in countries like India, Canada, and USA. In this article, our readers will learn the statistics of internet consumption mainly happening in this pandemic situation in the country INDIA.

Survey Details of Internet Consumption During Lockdown In India

Data collected from many telecommunications companies and internet service providers indicates that Indians consumed an average of 307,964 TB of data by the end of March 2020, which represents a 19% increase compared to the previous year’s statistics. On a daily basis, the average internet consumption amounts to around 308 PB petabytes, with most of it being used for streaming content, uploading, and downloading data. The data in one PB is equal to 500 billion pages of standard text which shows how the consumption of the internet has tremendously increased compared to the prior situations.

Survey Of Internet Consumption During Lockdown In India

States like Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar have been rosing about 13% in internet consumption whereas in Maharashtra data consumption was the highest consumption of internet during the lockdown. The main channels or streaming services that utilized the most consumption of the internet are YouTube and Netflix apps. By the month of April, the statistics have shown that the consumption has increased to more than 6% and 18% in mobile speeds. India’s current broadband speed is an average of 36.17mbps and its download speed is 9.67mbps.


In India, there are many internet providers who maintain data center services providing seamless experience through satellite internet and wireless internet. There is a high demand for both types of services as the demand for the internet has increased tremendously and vastly during the lockdown in INDIA as many organizations like IT offices, schools, and govt. institutions have provided work-from options due to the pandemic situation across the globe. This situation has increased the demand for internet service providers in INDIA and for its services too.

Many users are demanding an increase in internet not only for business purposes but also for domestic use, as they are using apps like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and various other applications and websites that offer excellent and cost-effective packages to watch their favorite shows. So, among the internet providers in India VITEL GLOBAL INDIA is one of the best and leading internet service providers in the market who is providing the best services like satellite internet and wireless internet with the best packages including your favorite channels.

Published: July 14th, 2021

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