Role played by business phone service in reducing mental stress

Business Phone Service in reducing Mental Stress

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Business phone service – the ultimate choice of organizations will not only assist in keeping the employees and customers in the loop but also assists in various way to cope with the mental health issues like stress, anxiety, peer pressure etc.

Stress! It happens to all irrespective of who they are and what job they do. But, it is important to keep in mind that stress should never overwhelm you. Because people of all ages experience stress at some point in their lives. And, it is a natural phenomenon. Because the human body is made with the impulses to feel and respond. Technically, your body produces physical and mental responses whenever there is an encounter with stressors. That is what we call anxiety.

Simultaneously, stress reactions assist your body in being accustomed to new circumstances. Now, stress is not completely harmful. Positive stress can keep a person alert, and motivated and even one can avoid danger. Sometimes, a stress response may encourage the body to work harder and stay awake for longer especially if you have a test coming up. However, understand that when stressors persist without relief or relaxation, stress poses a problem. 

Stress can become a chronic issue:

You can define stress as a chronic issue when it lasts for weeks or months. Because it can influence your physical and mental health. At times of chronic stress, your overall health can be affected by chronic stress. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is one of the possible risks. 

For instance, many studies and research have demonstrated a link between chronic stress and hypertension. And, this is also known as high blood pressure. Additionally, there are some risks that may develop into other issues. For instance, long-term high blood pressure can make the body more likely to suffer from other serious health issues such as heart attacks.

Now, in a similar vein, the release of the stress hormone cortisol may also cause a craving for unnecessary fats. Meanwhile, unhealthy eating habits can also increase the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases and it is well known.

On the other hand, chronic or prolonged stress has far-reaching effects beyond just health complaints. Look! Stress can make you more likely to feel anxious and sometimes nervous too. But, at the same time, it can also make you likely to be depressed. 

Mental stress at the workplace is a commonly addressed issue in many organizations, there are multiple ways to deal with the stress-induced at the workplace. For instance, every organization is utilizing the business phone service these days and how one can use those services to deal with anxiety and stress is based on creative thoughts.

Effects of Stress on Health:

Biologically, the heart rate, breathing pace, vision, and other bodily functions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Eventually, the body responds to stress by activating its stress response system, which we call the fight or flight response.

As a result, the body experiences wear and tear due to the ongoing activation of the stress response, especially during chronic stress. This can lead to a variety of physical, mental, and behavioural symptoms emerging.

Below are some of the physical signs of stress:

Prolonged stress can lead to regular pain and fatigue or difficulty sleeping. It can give rise to a sensation of heart racing heart or chest pain due to elevated blood pressure, Jaw clenching and muscle tension.

In some cases, a person can face cerebral pains, dazedness, shaking, and gastrointestinal or stomach issues. Stress can affect the immune system. With the help of the remedies available from the health care providers like one-one video conferencing feature.

Now, there is the possibility of emotional and mental symptoms that can result from stress;

  • Uneasiness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Panic attacks

In general, people who suffer from chronic stress frequently resort to unhealthy ways to cope, but such practices can make the situation worse. Some of such unhealthy habits are listed below.

  • Gaming addiction
  • Eating disorder
  • Binge watching
  • Overthinking

Diagnosing stress:

Tests can’t measure stress because stress is subjective. It entirely depends upon the person and how severe it is. Any respective healer may come up with a questionnaire to learn more about a person’s stress and how it affects his/her life.

Healthcare providers, through online bookings or even by personal visits, can evaluate stress-related symptoms when it is chronic. Suppose, hypertension can be analysed and treated.

If you ever feel like talking to a colleague or a friend, at your workplace, there is a business phone service at your fingertips, you can just dial the extension you feel like talking to and share. Because through sharing the issues, mental stress is reduced by 20%.

Role played by Business phone service

Some Effective Tips to Reduce Stress:

We must admit the truth that one can’t keep away from pressure. Still, it is possible to prevent it from overpowering you. Try and rehearse a few healing procedures:

If you experience signs of stress, start exercising. Remember that a short walk can make you feel better at stressful times. Recall and consider what you have accomplished rather than what you haven’t accomplished to fill your mind with abundance and no lacking behaviour.

Parallelly, create objectives for the future days and even months. It is good to think about meeting a specialist or your medical care supplier regarding your stress. The most effective way to deal with the stress is to book an online video conferencing with a medical expert to cope with the stress.

You can reduce stress in various ways. For instance, start practising activities like yoga, tai chi, and meditation that can relax your muscles. Every day, you must take good care of your body. Because, your body can deal better with stress only if you eat well, exercise on time, and get enough sleep.

It has the utmost importance to focus on the positive aspects of your day or life and admit to practising gratitude. You must understand and recognize that you won’t always be in your control. 

Say No!:

Say “NO” in your own way to avoid extra obligations.

Next, keep in touch with people who can help you stay calm, and make you happy. Choose friends who can give you emotional support, and help you with things that matter. With such a circle, stress does not become overwhelming.


It completely depends on the changes in your life. For some people, stress can be a problem for a short period of time or some face it for a long period of time. By practising the above-mentioned stress management techniques most of the physical and emotional stress can be reduced.

To avail services related to chronic stress or if you are feeling like seeking professional assistance, today’s healthcare industries are majorly targeting telemedicine which has become the major medium during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Via telemedicine, one can avail the expert’s suggestions through a single click via video conferencing.

There is no need to wait in queue for an appointment with the specialist. It is done within minutes, and the appointment along with the prescription is sent to the visitor’s registered mail.

This feature is provided by most of the business phone service providers in the market, one such provider is Vitel Global COMMUNICATION.

Published: December 21st, 2022

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