How is Vitel Global Business Phone System Improving Business Efficiency?

Vitel Global Business Phone System

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Vitel Global Business Phone SystemIt is impossible to overstate the value of communication in the business world. The choice between gaining and losing a customer can be made by doing things correctly. Additionally, a business phone system enables seamless communication between staff and clients. Any organization can effectively communicate with the Vitel Global business phones.

Even though business telephony may initially appear similar to your regular phone system, it is much more than that. Many advanced features can be found in business telephony systems that are not even in modern home phones.

The Vitel Global business phone system is one of the best options for helping your business grow. They represent diverse technologies, from the traditional key telephone system to the modern cloud phone system. It offers many features, like unified messages, call forwarding, call recording, plug-and-play integrations, and many more. It offers top-notch services, including UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) and fluid video conferencing. Businesses typically use a business phone service to increase employee productivity and boost customer satisfaction. It creates channels for effective communication and aids in giving the organization a professional image.

What is the Purpose of a Vitel Global Business Phone System?

It would be best if you had a Vitel Global business phone in your company for the following reasons:

Ease of Use

A Vitel Global phone system dramatically simplifies your business communication. You no longer need multiple tools to record, forward, or organize calls. Instead, all you need is one tool to accomplish the same thing. Cloud telephony systems will make your lives even more straightforward, moving your traditional business telephony system to the cloud. They can be integrated with tools to ensure all your data stays in one location.


Office phones have traditionally been expensive and large. Connecting them to the building was the worst part. Building complexity increased as the number of employees increased. Additionally, it was challenging to maintain these phone systems. To manage outages and downtimes, you need a professional around the clock. These factors collectively drove up the cost of installing and maintaining it.

Modern business phone systems are cost-effective and easier to set up and maintain, especially those that use VoIP or the cloud. For starters, they do not require any hardware or software to function. Secondly, the vendor is solely responsible for maintenance.

It Helps Project a Professional Image

This point is especially relevant for managing a small business or a startup. You may handle the majority of the tasks as the business owner. However, this is also crucial for your company to present a professional image to customers and clients. A Vitel Global phone system makes it simple to accomplish this. With the help of features like call redirection, IVR, call scheduling, and many more, your company will appear to be a large, well-run corporation.

Improved Client Experience

Older business phones had severe drawbacks to handle incoming calls; you had to be present in the office. Due to this, there were many more missed calls, increasing customer dissatisfaction. VoIP and cloud technology power the device-independent business phone systems from Vitel Global. It implies that you or your staff can take calls from clients wherever you are and whenever you like. Vitel Global always prefers call quality, so calls will not be dropped anymore, improving customer satisfaction.

It helps in Making Data-Driven Decisions

Vitel Global phone systems include a potent data analytics engine that produces insightful data that helps you better understand the collaboration process at your company. You can modify the call flow based on this information. Additionally, this information is used to analyze team performance and improve communication among low-performing staff members. However, its ability to track and analyze customer behavior is its most significant advantage because it enables you to design the ideal experience for them.

Features of Vitel Global Cloud Calling Systems

Vitel Global phone system offers primary features like unified messaging, call forwarding, call recording, integration, and more. Let us discuss how these features will help your business grow.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging is one of the must-have features in today’s phone system. Using a single account allows your employee to send and receive information in various formats, including voice, video, email, and even fax. In other words, they do not have to switch between platforms or devices to communicate with others through any channel they choose easily. It is the ideal feature for remote working or constantly on the go, like salespeople.

Call Forwarding

This feature is crucial if your business has a large workforce that can handle multiple callers. By pressing a button, your employee should be able to quickly connect the call to another user on the network of the business phone system. Call Forwarding is especially useful if a caller dials the incorrect department within the company, and your employee directs them to the correct team without ending the call.

Call Recording

Call Recording is another essential attribute for businesses of all sizes that is useful in many circumstances. The first benefit is that the organization can learn a lot from recorded calls. Before they significantly negatively affect your business, you can identify problems in your communication process and fix them. Similarly, it aids in new employee training and customer experience through call center surveys.


Integrations are excellent if your company uses various workflow tools. Many plug-and-play integrations with modern business phone systems are available for various productivity tools. When they work together, they become the only reliable source of information about the calls and callers. You do not need to visit multiple platforms or tools to gather and utilize the information.


Vitel Global Phone System has become the default choice for many firms today. With this cloud-based phone system, you can make calls, hold audio conferences, send online faxes, and send SMS messages from an exact location. Furthermore, this is one of the few business phone systems with a robust analytics engine that provides insightful real-time information.

Published: March 8th, 2022

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