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Communication is the key to today’s business, and with the introduction of Business Phone Technology, corporate operations are accelerated. A company can use cloud computing and UCaaS (unified communications service) if it has already upgraded its communications infrastructure. Then your business is on its way to becoming a successful enterprise.

UCaaS is the reason behind business success!

Unified Communications as a Service in Business Phone Communications:

 “Unified Communications as a Service” refers to systems that unify and simplify business communications into a single platform. This implies that you don’t need much and use only one app or platform to handle all your communications. You can perform voice calls, instant messaging, and call conferencing rather than using several devices and channels.

There should always be a phone system included in these calling solutions. And, preferably, business solutions often employ cloud phone technology to enable phone calls over the Internet. This is where business phone technology emerged. 

Let’s dive into the details:

The cloud:

Since this is a cloud-based service, many firms across the globe switch their communications over to it without worrying about additional hardware and time-consuming preparations.

Data Centers:

Service companies frequently own their data centers. They employ these data centers to host their cloud services. And as the data centers are their property, they are in charge of all maintenance and improvements. In other words, they handle all the backend tasks that would fall to your IT team if not handled. Cloud service providers with their own data centers can typically give you a reliable and better user experience.

The advantages:

Why do businesses choose this cloud technology? Well, for starters, there is a lot of pressure on enterprises today. They need dependable, fast, and affordable communications for a distributed global workforce to meet the competition.

Business Phone Technology for Remote Working:

You can use cloud phone technology as part of a hybrid or remote team. Firms are allowed to utilize collaboration solutions like UCaaS platforms today. Almost every department in a corporation, from sales to customer support teams to marketers, requires business phone communication tools to simultaneously perform multi-tasks and work from anywhere.

Low Operating Expenses:

It offers several ways to lower costs first. Since it isn’t hardware-based, it can avoid capital expenditures and installation fees. Additionally, since there is no hardware to maintain, fewer resources are enough to keep it operating effectively.

Beyond costs, organizations also benefit significantly from this business phone technology. For instance, Vitel Global Communication provides the most affordable plans offering advanced Cloud calling features like free call forwarding, video conferencing, voicemail, and unlimited domestic and international calling with texting features. Even our team will guide you with operational benefits, such as improved contract administration saving your time and money.

Increased Scalability:

Scalability is, without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits needed for the fast growth of the business when compared to a conventional enterprise phone system.

Business Phone Technology

What qualities should you assess when evaluating its providers?

Decide your providers in the first place, and it is important to consider the following criteria as guidelines while you examine your shortlist:


This feature plays a prominent role in business communications that every firm expects. Validate beforehand whether it is possible to add users and manage accounts quickly without waiting for days or weeks.


It is crucial for maintaining corporate business operations, and few companies can afford to have a problem with their phone lines or communications. Because, when dealing with clients, customers and suppliers simultaneously, even an hour of downtime may be quite expensive. Therefore, confirm that your service provider’s uptime satisfies or surpasses industry requirements.


Business phone technology manages a sizable amount of data belonging to your business and its clients.

While choosing a provider, you should know what security measures are on the platform to safeguard client data. And the plans or tools are available in case of a breach or problem. Also, check whether the platform includes the capabilities needed to be compliant if you work in a highly regulated sector.

Contact and Technical Assistance: 

Look for the general levels of contact, emergency technical assistance, and customer service. The finest alternatives should offer you round-the-clock support via a range of platforms. It includes email, chat, webinars, and an always-available online help center throughout the entire world.

Cost Effective: 

Even while the cheapest solution is sometimes the best, a good platform can assist you in understanding the ownership expenses. Consider the total cost of ownership throughout the contract and monthly recurring charges.


Decide the contract whether the platform offers a month-to-month plan or do they need a long-term commitment. Is there flexibility to sign a contract but later decide if the services are not satisfactory or if there is a need for any changes in the plan? 

Vitel Global is highly liberal with our contracts, as customer satisfaction is our primary motto.

APIs and third-party integrations: 

The business platform should integrate with other applications or technologies and upgrade itself. This is how business phone solutions create unique integrations for specialized technologies your team could use.

Present and future trends:

After the global pandemic, cloud telephony has been utilized widely due to certain issues over the past few years. Eventually, there happened a transition to the cloud for most businesses, big and small. It is true that without effective communication, businesses cannot prosper. Also, connections are made most efficiently in a scattered setting with no issues. That is the reason behind the scenes and the prospective secret to corporate continuity, agility, and ongoing expansion.

Here are some of the most important trends affecting how businesses spend their money on business phone solutions in the upcoming year.

Consolidating (X)aaS and UCaaS:

The problem of the pandemic is one of the main causes rapidly influencing the adoption of this technology nowadays. Businesses understood that if an officer had to close unexpectedly, they could not continue operations without a digital approach to corporate interactions. It is more of a service option, and moving to the cloud provides businesses greater freedom to operate quickly and adapt to market demands.

It is just one of many tools that businesses need to consider as investments. Because UCaaS (unified communications as a service) can lead to solutions increasing along with Communications Platforms as a Service, Contact Centers as a Service (CCaaS). 

Better Experiences for Employees: 

Due to the abrupt transition to remote and hybrid working patterns, businesses from all sectors focus more on enabling and supporting their employees. If they lack access to the proper resources in a relaxing, pleasant setting, it is difficult to produce the desired business outcomes. Companies have realized that improving staff experience will improve customer experience and boost bottom-line performance.


The future of business phone solutions is innovative as it can create an easy experience for workers, wherever they are. This entails investing in new technology and enabling features like hybrid work with cloud telephony. It can also give a better employee experience that is consistent for users across all platforms. Nowadays, more than half of the businesses intend to integrate AI into UCaaS, desiring improved meetings, automatic recording, and transcription of discussions.

Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime, simple system administration, and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

Published: December 12th, 2022

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