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Calling and Flexibility

Our calling features have been developed to provide you with a cloud phone system that is versatile, mobile, and powerful. A wide range of phone numbers are available for you to choose from; you can also install our apps on your desktop or smartphone or tablet and use features like call forwarding, Call Flip, and more.

Local Dialling

Establish a local presence by selecting from over 200 area codes. Assign additional numbers to call queues and users and make use of all the features that a cloud-based business phone system offers.

Local Numbers

Establish a local presence by selecting from over 200 area codes. Assign additional numbers to call queues and users and make use of all the features that a cloud-based business phone system offers.


An extension is a flexible structure that connects employees at local and satellite offices, regardless of location. Extensions can be edited at any time, either by adding or removing them.


Your colleagues can see your presence status—Available, Invisible, or Do Not Disturb—whether you are using your desk phone, the mobile app, or a softphone. In order to take advantage of these features, Vitel Global is the only place to go.

Call delegation

When a large number of calls need to be transferred from one person to another, call delegating is an easy way to do so. Executives will also appreciate the ease with which they can make calls.

Call screening

Put a stop to everyone attempting to contact your company without your consent. Callers can be identified and blocked, and others can be routed to voicemail.

Call forwarding

Make sure you're always ready to answer phone calls. Call forwarding is completely undetectable to the caller and allows your business to be available round-the-clock.

Call Flip

You can quickly switch between your desk phone, mobile phone, or softphone while on a call using Call Flip. Call Flip is simple to set up and provides a wide range of options for handling calls.

Call Park

Calls can be stored in a virtual location and retrieved from any desk phone in your system using the parking feature.

One touch calling

Calling with a single tap on any mobile phone or desktop application is easy.


Desk phone announcements can be made to colleagues across multiple office locations using intercom.


Multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices can receive one-way, real-time announcements via paging.

Shared lines

Using a single phone number, you can take calls from any phone in your home or office

Answering Methods

Allow your business phone system to operate at any time of day or night. Your company's main phone number and individual extensions and mailboxes can be routed by answering rules based on a variety of options.

Internet fax

Use your computer, mobile device, Outlook®, cloud storage providers (such as DropboxTM), and more to send and receive faxes.


Voicemail-to-email is a service that allows you to receive and listen to your voicemails via email.

Visual voicemail

Vitel Global's visual voicemail allows you to easily manage voicemails in your online account, on your PC or Mac, and even on your mobile device via the Vitel Global app.

Phones accessories, devices, and service

It is easy to administer across all of your locations, incorporates all of your users, offers a variety of calling options, and works seamlessly with your preferred device with our cloud phone service.


Provisioning, managing, and gaining insights are now possible from anywhere, thanks to cutting-edge administrative and analytics tools. Even if you're on the go, you can quickly and easily move, add, or change employees. Managing multiple locations and phone numbers is made easier with a visual representation of your IVR.

Cloud PBX

Business phone system administration, call management, and the user and caller experience are all revolutionised by the Vitel Global cloud phone solution, which integrates with your essential apps. At a fraction of what an old PBX would have cost.


Establish your company's image and brand with greetings.

Multi-level IVR

Expand your automated attendant by adding a flexible phone menu that connects to your employees with self-service options.

Music on hold

With customized music and messages, you can allow the users to listen to the selective music or voice notes chosen by you. .

Dial-by-name directory

The Vitel Global dial-by-name directory gives your business phone system the feel and functionality of a super powered system..

Number porting

There are a few simple steps involved in transferring an existing phone number to a Vitel Global account.

Multi-site management

It's easy to manage and provide support for multiple locations with our multi-site support feature.

Call monitoring

Employee productivity and efficiency can be enhanced with the use of call monitoring. It is possible for authorised users to listen in on employee calls with clients so that they can monitor the conversation and provide coaching.

Call logs

Inbound and outbound calls, as well as faxes, are recorded in Vitel Global call logs. The name of the caller, the number dialled, and the time, date, and duration of the call can be viewed.

Automatic call recording

Record all inbound and outbound calls for your Vitel Global phone system, as well as all inbound calls for your departments. Recordings can be played back and downloaded at any time, and the recording feature can be turned off whenever you like.

Audit Trail

Your phone system's users and administrators can be easily tracked. To empower administrators to use self-service tools to resolve issues with large enterprise phone systems, Audit Trail provides a searchable account history of phone system changes.

Brilliant Desking

Vitel Global extensions, voicemail, and greetings are all available to users who have hot desk phones. Workers can stay connected and efficient no matter where they work.

Caller ID

With Vitel Global, you can control both your incoming and outgoing caller IDs from a single interface. When making a phone call, you can also choose to display your business name.

List of Directory

Directory listings boost your company's visibility by allowing you to list your business in local and national directories for free.

User templates

Batch configurations allow you to apply settings to a large number of users at once, saving you time and streamlining your administrative duties.


Full service is available in over 40 countries, and inbound virtual numbers can be accessed from over 100 countries around the world thanks to Vitel Global. Benefit from a streamlined phone number management process and international device shipping without having to deal with the hassles or costs associated with managing multiple disparate phone systems

International calling

It's possible to make calls between global offices for free, as well as cheap local calls.

International numbers

With inbound numbers from over 70 different countries, you can virtually go global. It's possible to set up a local caller ID and have it route incoming calls to any phone number without paying a fortune.


One-click functionality and webinar capabilities are also included in Vitel Global's services.

Video conferencing

Up to 500 people can participate in a video conference call at a time, making it ideal for large meetings. One-click screen sharing from your desktop, mobile, apps, websites, files, and more will help you and your team work more efficiently.

Audio conferencing

Instantly join a conference call with up to 1,000 participants and local dial-in support.


Instantly connect and collaborate on any device, from any conference room, with just one tap.


With team messaging, file sharing, SMS, tasks, and more, you'll be able to collaborate more effectively.

Collaboration with Teams

Vitel Global improves the efficiency, speed, and effectiveness of group collaboration. Those days of sifting through an email thread from multiple team members or sifting through your inbox for a file attached to an email are long gone.

Business SMS and MMS

Using your personal phone number for texts is unnecessary. First-to-market text solution for businesses from Vitel Global. To colleagues, clients, and departments, you can use your business phone number to send messages.

Message alerts

Email, SMS, and the Vitel Global desktop and mobile apps can all be used to receive immediate notifications of new voice and fax messages.


With seven layers of security, you'll be able to stay connected even during network outages and attacks.

Secure VoIP service

Using Vitel Global's secure and reliable VoIP service, your employees can make and receive calls from any internet-enabled location.

Single Registration

Vitel Global allows users to log in using their corporate credentials. Reduce the cost of IT support for password recovery and benefit from a central authentication point that securely accesses your Vitel Global service from any device.

Data center overview

Using two data centres, Vitel Global ensures enterprise-level quality of service, compliance, security and reliability for its customers. More than 45 direct peering connections are available in our global cloud infrastructure.

Roles and permissions

Vitel Global's phone system can be accessed by administrators who can assign roles and grant access permissions. Increase your company's security policy enforcement and onboarding efficiency by having more control over role selection and definition.


Our advanced call management system and analytics provide real-time, in-depth insights. Dashboards can be tailored to your needs with 30+ pre-built KPIs and QoS reports for a complete view of system-wide quality and immediate troubleshooting.

Analytics portal

New metrics, faster performance, and data visualisations make the Analytics Portal a more user-friendly reporting tool than previous offerings like Quality of Service (QoS) reports and Live Reports.

Performance reports

Get up-to-the-hour reporting for a wide variety of call metrics. Performance Reports supports 30+ pre-built KPIs, such as number of missed calls with voicemail, average speed of answer, and number of refused calls.

QoS reports

New metrics, faster performance, and data visualisations make the Analytics Portal a more user-friendly reporting tool than previous offerings like Quality of Service (QoS) reports and Live Reports.

Live reports

An agent's performance and the quality of the customer service they receive are both tracked in Live Reports.

Download Vitel Global App

The Vitel Global app for mobile and desktop provides quick and easy access to all of your Vitel Global services. You and your team will be more connected, focused, and productive with the ability to seamlessly switch between phone calls, video meetings, and team chats.

Everything you need in one beautiful app Team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone—reimagined so you can do more from anywhere.

Transform your employees' mobile devices into an extension of their office phones or into standalone cloud phones. Install the Vitel Global Mobile softphone application (free with the purchase of a Vitel Global Voice seat).

Carry your business communications in the palm of your hand.

Being out of the office shouldn't slow you down. Facilitate easy communication and collaboration between employees, suppliers, and clients. Access calls, voicemail, video, chat, and text through one mobile interface.

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