Easy Porting

Your landline or prepaid cell phone number can be easily ported.

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Cloud Phone Services

Retain your old number

Maintain the same phone number while moving an existing one from one service provider to another.

Migrate to Chosen Service free of Cost

The cost of negotiating the transfer of your phone number from your current carrier will be covered by Vitel Global. All that is required is your wireless account number and PIN.

It is easy to port your number

It is best to open the port before closing your account with your current provider to avoid delaying the procedure. You must stop using your old service after your number has been moved.

Both Service Providers would help you

Transferring an existing landline or mobile number to a VoIP service provider while preserving the same phone number is possible. To ensure a flawless transfer of the phone number, this process entails collaborating with both the old and new service providers.

Cloud Phone Feature

Vitel is Here to Notify you!

When the transfer of your number has been completed and your service provider has released it, Vitel Global will inform you.

It is a Multi-day Process

It should be noted that number porting typically necessitates a few days of waiting while the new carrier acquires the user's phone number from their previous service.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Number Porting

  • Retain Existing Phone Number

    When changing service providers, keep your current phone number. This is especially helpful for companies whose brands have been built around certain phone numbers.

  • Traditional landlines frequently cost more than cloud services. Additionally, users may be able to switch to a new provider and benefit from cost reductions by using number porting.

  • Many additional features and functionalities are included with VoIP services. The ability to access these capabilities while retaining one's current phone number is provided through number porting.

  • Businesses might need to immediately transfer to a new service provider in the case of a natural disaster or other emergency. This procedure can be sped up and made simpler with number porting. It makes it possible for enterprises to run continuously.

  • The utilization of cloud services is accessible from any location with an internet connection. Users who use number porting can carry their phone number with them wherever they go, making it simpler to stay in touch when on the road or working from a distance.