Templates for Vitel Global Users

You may quickly and easily apply common phone system settings to a large number of users at once using user templates.

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Make as many templates as you want.

There is practically no end to this. You are free to build as many templates as you want.

Generalized Template with various features

User templates might contain options for call forwarding, voicemail settings, fast dials, and other features that make running your company's operations simpler.

Update and Deploy Easily

Using user templates, you can swiftly deploy common phone system settings to a lot of users at once.

Operational Efficiency

In order to increase productivity, network administrators may find VoIP user templates to be a beneficial tool. They can unify settings and give their users a consistent user experience.

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Your Customer Experience Can Be Customized

This action can be tailored to each customer by automatically using location- or event-driven call handling criteria.

Reduce Network Errors

By developing an uniform set of choices and settings, network administrators can save time and minimise errors.

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Benefits of User Templates

  • Standardization

    By using user templates, you can make sure that every user on the network has the same preferences and settings. In the long run, this can enhance user experience and lower errors.

  • Instead of having to configure each user separately, network managers may save time with this cutting-edge technology by producing a single set of settings that can be applied to many users.

  • The templates can now be modified to match the unique requirements of various user groups, including sales teams, customer care representatives, and executives.

  • Without having to change the settings for every user, it is incredibly simple to scale to fit expanding networks or shifting requirements.

  • Network administrators can save a lot of time by simply applying the template to new or current network users rather than doing manual configuration.