Implement an effective way of communicating with the concerned individual

If you can connect your customer's calls to an agent who can help them right quickly, they will value your service.

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Cloud Phone Services

Extensions are the preferable choice to produce improved consumer experiences.

A consumer gets annoyed if he can't get through to the appropriate agent or waits for a very long period. Thus, extensions are essential in directing calls to the appropriate assistance, which develops a following of loyal clients.

Individualized Features

For each phone extension, Vitel Global softphone offers personalized greetings, online fax, and enhanced voicemail with email notifications.

Elegant Presentation with Virtual Phone Extensions

Establish phone extensions to connect your local and remote teams. Including remote workers, and connecting multiple office locations.

Large-Scale Telephone Installations

Dialing between sites has been made easier; you can set up different site codes and short extensions. To swiftly set up the company's offline strategy, use a template.

Cloud Phone Feature

Operational Scalability for Businesses

Every new employee should have an extension set up. Create an extension with a single click. Pick an extension; there you may even add internal calls.

Portable and adaptable

Edit, add, or remove phone extensions whenever you want.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Using Phone Extensions

  • Reduces time

    Saving a few seconds at a time while dialing a number might not seem like much. A significant shift might be to integrate it with the workforce.

  • Customers will appreciate it even more if you refer them to sympathetic workers who can help them as quickly as possible.

  • The ability to connect an unlimited number of devices to a single line with cloud calling can improve the working environment for your employees.

  • VoIP forward extension dialing adds new features while extending an outdated, long-used feature.

  • Employees in specialized roles like customer service, tech support, executive assistants, and receptionists can benefit from extension dialing. By adopting extension dialing, they may transfer calls more swiftly and with fewer mistakes.