When making and receiving calls, keep track of the Caller ID

Before answering the call, users can view the caller's name, identity, and phone number on their device's screen.

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Cloud Phone Services

Calls from unknown numbers cannot reach the user

As with email, you have the option to allow or block. Unwanted calls cannot, therefore, reach the user.

Local Presence

VoIP gives you the option to change the caller ID, which shows your company name and phone number, before placing an outbound call. This makes it possible for you to speak locally to the person you are calling.

Brand Recognition

No matter what phone number you or your agents use to call the clients, adjust the settings. The principal business phone number for your organization would appear on the caller ID that is displayed.

Vitel Global Toll-Free Numbers

Agents can determine the current campaign of the calling party by using Vitel Global's Toll-Free numbers that Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS).

Cloud Phone Feature

To make every call more trustworthy, use VoIP caller ID.

Your business will stand out from the competition if you offer personalized caller ID options.

Better Team Performance

Agent output will rise as a result of instant caller identification on incoming calls.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Caller ID Features

  • Identification of incoming calls

    VoIP caller ID makes it simple and quick for users to find out who is calling them. It makes it simpler to prioritize calls and call screening.

  • The user experience can be customized, for example, by showing the caller's name or picture in addition to their phone number. Users may feel more engaged and connected to their contacts as a result of this.

  • Users can recognize calls from well-known telemarketers or scammers to spot fraudulent or spam calls and stop them from happening.

  • The caller ID function can enhance the user experience by enabling consumers to see the caller's identity quickly and conveniently without having to search for the number or pick up the phone first.

  • Make sure to display your company name on caller ID while making outbound calls to customers to boost brand recognition.