The next level of virtual support is AI Conversation.

With AI, you can automate call routing, reduce hold times, and save money while your employees focus on high-priority issues.

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Cloud Phone Services

Improved customer service

Even though they are merely machines, they have the advantage of giving callers and consumers the impression that someone is answering their call and helping them.

Efficient Query Handling

IVR systems are capable of responding to the bulk of frequently asked queries that a company gets. They could be about business hours, maps, phone numbers, or common tech support inquiries. Customer support employees can focus on the trickier issues.

IVR supports Medical Transcription

The transcription of medical records is an exciting area for IVR technology. Right now, physicians can record their patient notes and email the audio to a company that performs medical transcription.

Speech Recognition

More advanced IVR systems offer the opportunity to communicate with computers by speaking basic commands. Software for speech recognition has advanced to the point that it can comprehend names and lengthy figures.

Cloud Phone Feature

Customer Friendly

Multiple menu items can be used to build strong and intricate call-flow arrangements.

Your company's phone system has become smarter!

In advanced IVR systems with conversational AI, machine learning is applied. It can understand any request that your customers make.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of the Interactive Voice Process

  • Reduced Connection Errors

    When the receptionist accidentally routes a call to the wrong department, callers may occasionally become frustrated. IVRs allow customers to transfer funds.

  • Instead of having a staff try to figure out what the client wants, consumers can utilize a process of elimination to find the thing that is the closest to what is offered.

  • The IVR system is accessible to customers day and night. By at least "leaving a message," the customer still accomplishes something, and his problem is acknowledged.

  • An IVR enables a company to modify the system under its own services and customer requirements. Customers view your brand more favorably as a result.

  • All calls are received by the IVR concurrently, rather than having just enough call capacity to handle a few callers.