With Vitel Global Call Analytics, obtain Real-Time Information

Your ability to assess the success of your calls and discover new insights is made simple by the availability of robust call analytics and reporting.

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Statistics Can Be Concluded by User, Group, or Number

It would help to focus on a particular service or user when analyzing. As a result, concentrate all of your analysis on how well the staff handles customer support calls.

Improve Customer Service

Call analytics can offer helpful information and figures regarding typical customer wait and handling times, call lengths, and customer calls. Your company will be able to understand better how customers interact with your brand in this way.

Enhance Employee Performance

Call analytics help you keep an eye on employee performance. You can access call logs, call time, and call count data for managers and other data analysts and give those details about an employee's customer contacts.

Quality Assurance

Call analytics for quality assurance goals can help business leaders learn more about voice clarity, latency, call time, wait times, and other aspects. Managers can get the highest level of production with this.

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Your Reports, Created

Utilize our API or export your data to arrange them suitably in your internal tools.

Pay attention to the KPIs

The most critical metrics may be monitored through wait time, average call length, call response rate, and service level.

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Benefits of Performance Reports

  • Call volume

    Managers can use this information to determine whether the system is operating within its capacity constraints, how many calls are being placed on the system, and when peak call times occur.

  • Business leaders can use duration metrics to determine the average length of calls. Understanding how users use the system and planning for capacity benefit from this.

  • These metrics can show how many calls are completed, lost, or dropped because of systemic problems.

  • You can recognize call quality problems that harm the user experience, such as packet loss, delay, and jitter.

  • Find out where calls are being placed and received. Sometimes, using this data to spot trends and improve call routing is helpful.