Reports on Service Quality

Track down and fix call quality problems that immediately impact your users everywhere.

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Cloud Phone Services

Powerful Monitoring

Dashboards that are adaptable and have interactive run-time graphical representations for targeted monitoring and analysis.

Better Caller Experience

A VoIP QoS report can assist in identifying problems affecting the system's ability to transmit high-quality audio or video. Administrators can take action to optimize the system and enhance user experience using this information.


You can use multidimensional filters to look at performance and trends depending on factors like region, call volume, codecs, internet service providers, device types, etc.

Immediate Resolution

Single glance summarization enables quick detection of any patterns in problematic calls for timely isolation, troubleshooting, and resolution.

Cloud Phone Feature

Recognize Trends at the Individual and Integrated Levels

Keeping track of quality trends at the call and user levels.

Parameter-based Quality Scores

Easy-to-understand quality ratings for video streams based on transport information, including jitter, delay, packet loss, and codecs.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of VoIP Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Mean opinion score (MOS)

    This is a subjective indicator of how well the user perceives the voice or video.

  • This measures how long it takes for a message to reach the listener from the time a speaker talks. Communication problems, such as delays or interruptions, can be brought on by high latency.

  • This measures the fluctuation in voice or video packet transmission delays over the network. High jitter can cause audio or video to be choppy or jumbled.

  • This measures the number of data packets lost during transmission. Voice or video quality might suffer from even a modest packet loss.