Use the Call Flip function to quickly and conveniently flip between calls on one device and another.

A call in progress can be quickly transferred between your desk phone, mobile device, and softphone.

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Cloud Phone Services

Never hang up on a business call.

Call Flip is an efficient way to switch from one device to another without hanging it. You won't ever need to cut short a call because of this feature.

Switch the call between devices

Gain access to the freedom to transfer an active call. From a desk phone, a cell phone, and a softphone, change it. In contrast, to Call Transfer, calls transferred using Call Flip are meant to be picked up by the person who began the transaction.

Unique Feature of Cloud Telephony

Call Flip is the kind of solution the world needs now that business is more mobile than ever. It is part of a feature-rich cloud PBX system that offers users the flexibility to configure call routing and use policies.

Look Big and Professional

Call flipping can be advantageous to a company in numerous ways. In addition to increasing staff efficiency, a phone system with the most recent call-forwarding technology exudes a greater level of professionalism.

Cloud Phone Feature

Quick company procedures will make you appear more professional.

It is a feature-rich cloud PBX system that enables users to create unique call routing and use policy setups.

Hold a business call, please! Simply switch between them.

A responsible business leader never hangs up on a client call. Simply transfer the call from the desk phone to your mobile device if you need to go.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Call Flip Feature

  • Take Calls Anywhere

    Therefore, you are no longer bound to your desk. Instead, wherever you are, you can accept incoming calls and continue the discussion on a different device.

  • Vitel Global Business Phone solutions provide seamless call switching across your PC, phone, and tablet. It is possible to sign in to several devices at once.

  • When transferring calls between your devices fast and conveniently, call flipping can be a lifesaver. Disconnecting a business call in the middle cannot gain goodwill.

  • Your customer service representatives will be more effective because they will spend less time taking calls and holding customers. Call Flip increases customer loyalty by improving customer satisfaction.