Your choice of voicemails is possible with virtual voicemail.

Utilize a desktop or mobile app to manage voicemails with ease.

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Cloud Phone Services

Save Your Valuable Time

Without dialing voicemail, you can now examine the list of voicemails and pick any to listen to or delete.

Transcribe your Voicemails

Users of contemporary voicemail services can listen to, forward, and have messages transcribed for easy reading. Your time is greatly saved, allowing you to concentrate on more difficult tasks.

Listen to voicemail in any order and receive a list of who has left you messages

Visual voicemail makes it simple to choose what to listen to, which messages to delete or keep, mark as unread, and easily call people again.

Flexible Routing Option

Voicemail transcription and voicemail forwarding to any email address are both possible with this cloud-based virtual voicemail feature.

Cloud Phone Feature

Interface with your voicemails

Without dialing your voicemail, virtual voicemail allows you to access your voicemail messages.

Respond to Every Client

Visual voicemail automatically routes calls to voicemail even after business hours or when the phone is not picked up.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Virtual Voicemail

  • Saves Time

    You may rapidly review your voicemail mailbox with instant playback.

  • The visual voicemail service can speed up voicemail reading by about 60%.

  • Send voicemails to your team so they may be handled right away.

  • Utilize your virtual phone system to keep track of voicemails.