Always maintain contact with your clients via phone calls.

With call forwarding, you can guarantee the finest CX when you are away from your device or taking a formal break from work.

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Cloud Phone Services

Never miss a business call again with simple call forwarding

Call forwarding makes it possible for your company to remain reachable round-the-clock and is completely transparent to callers.

Better Customer Experience

Rather than keeping callers on hold, simply redirect incoming calls to an extension, a business phone number, or even your personal phone number. When you can't answer the phone, transfer calls to a coworker or assistant to make sure they are all answered and taken care of.

Suitable for Small Businesses

Improve the professionalism and scaling capacity of your business. Simply having a VoIP system with an effective call-forwarding mechanism will do. You can also tailor your call forwarding settings based on the caller ID to manage more inquiries.

Call Logs

Call logs for executives and assistants both contain a history of delegated calls that are clearly labeled as such and set apart from personal calls.

Cloud Phone Feature

24/7 Approachability

Availability of support is a concern because not every business can operate continually. At some point, businesses have after-hours hours. Incoming calls can be routed to your own mobile number or voicemail by setting up a call routing rule.

Call Forwarding gives you the ability of Omnipresence

When you utilize the call forwarding feature, your office calls will be sent to your mobile device. Keep in touch with your customers no matter where you are!

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Using Call Forwarding in Business Call Management System

  • Affordability

    There is no longer a need to buy extra hardware. Using cloud technology, you may easily and economically set up several phone lines and use the call forwarding feature.

  • If one of your employees knows they'll get a call after business hours, they might prefer the call forwarding feature, which will route the call to a phone they can use while away from the office. To further ensure that your customers have all their queries answered, you can even transfer the call to the IVR system.

  • Customers have high regard for companies who go above and beyond to satisfy their needs and make them feel important. Because of this, call forwarding enables you to serve your consumers whenever they need it.

  • Incoming calls can be routed to a greeting that explains how to take advantage of your company's future deals for your friends and family if you set up a dedicated number and greeting.

  • The recorded greeting in a unique number can be used to advertise the current business hours when clients are looking for appointments. In case you have to close the office due to a storm or other emergency, everyone will be alerted via this number.