Dial-by-Name Directory

Enable search by first or last name to make it simple for callers to locate your personnel.

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Keep in touch with your team

In your dial-by-name directory, callers may find your employees. They can be reached anywhere, using any mobile device.

Operate in a Selective Way

You can add or remove staff members' extensions from your company directory with a simple click depending on whether they want to allow telemarketers.

Tailored for Medium and Large Scale Firms

The Dial-by-Name Directory may be useful for businesses with big departments or staff. Both call routing procedures and caller experience can be enhanced.

Automated Voice System

When a caller utilizes this feature, an automated speech system asks them to enter the first few letters of the person's first or last name before connecting them to the appropriate extension.

Cloud Phone Feature

Flexibility in Call Management

Quickly alter the parameters, then leave the rest to your Auto-Receptionist.

Business Operations Made Easy

By entering the first few letters of their name on the phone's keypad, you can locate and get in touch with a specific person within your company.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Dial-by-Name Directory

  • Call Routing Efficiency

    As callers are automatically forwarded to the desired extension, the dial-by-Name feature can lessen the workload of call attendants or receptionists while also increasing the effectiveness of call routing.

  • Improve the caller experience to make it more personalized and practical for callers to connect with the appropriate department or person.

  • With an automated system for call routing, businesses can help reduce wait times, decrease call handling time, and increase overall productivity.

  • Businesses can appear more professional to callers and seem more organized and efficient by using an automated dial-by-name directory.

  • To fit the identity and personality of the company, Dial-by-Name Directory can be readily modified with pre-recorded messages, music, or instructions.