You can respond to missed calls more quickly when you use voicemail to email.

Manage voicemails conveniently from your email inbox.

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Cloud Phone Services

Quicken your response time

You and your team may be able to handle incoming calls more quickly if voicemails and faxes are attached to email notifications.

Fulfill business tasks with an Internet connection

Customers may quickly and easily access their voicemail messages from any internet-connected device, including a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, thanks to the useful voicemail-to-email feature.

Transcription with Technology

The cloud-based voicemail-to-email capability allows users to attach voicemails as audio files to their emails.

Accelerated Communications

To remain on top of your business communications, sign up for email and text message alerts for missed calls, fax transmission issues, and text messages.

Cloud Phone Feature

Customize your account options

By adjusting your account parameters, you can listen to the voicemail audio file or read the voicemail message as text in the email body.

Email is still your messaging platform

Let email continue to be the official office messaging system. The voicemail-to-email tool combines your company's email and the cloud phone system.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Voicemail to Email

  • Convenience

    Regardless of their location or device, your employees may quickly and simply check their voicemail messages from their email inbox. People who work remotely or frequently travel may find this beneficial.

  • It's feasible to do away with the requirement to call a voicemail box and listen to each message one at a time. If they leave fresh voicemails, you can rapidly check their email inbox for them, sort them by priority, and reply as necessary.

  • Voicemail messages can be managed and arranged effectively in this way. The user's email inbox can store and archive these communications. Due to this, you won't ever miss a communication.

  • Voicemail messages are accessible since they may be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Computers, smartphones, and tablets might all be involved.

  • People with hearing or vision problems may find voicemails easier to access if they are sent as emails instead of voicemails. Text-to-speech software can either transcribe or read these messages aloud.