Customized management for multi-site organizations

Vitel Global is committed to providing our clients with scalable communications management solutions to meet every business need.

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Cloud Phone Services

Enhancing Operations through Regional Site Management

Vitel Global delivers adaptable localized site administration tools with customizable administrative powers to help you manage the growth of your company.

Easy Account Management

Vitel Global improves workflows by eliminating the need for external administration tools by making it simple for you to manage users, phone numbers, and devices across all sites from your administrative portal.

Enhanced management with the omnipresence

With the use of this function, administrators can manage and set up the phone system across many sites or locations, including user accounts, call routing, and other configurations.

Remote Work is Simplified

Having a standard phone system across all locations and being able to operate it effectively from a single interface makes this especially handy for companies with several offices or remote workers.

Cloud Phone Feature

Organize and control business operations in one place

The multi-site administration functionality enables business owners to control their cloud phone system from a single place across several sites or locations.

Performance Tracking

The Vitel Global multi-site support function can help you more properly track and attribute each site's performance within your larger corporate viewpoint.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Multi-site Management

  • Centralized Management

    Businesses may administer every phone system from a single place with the help of a multi-site management feature, which simplifies administration and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

  • Users, phone lines, and other resources can now be added or removed with ease across numerous sites or locations. As a result, it is simpler to scale the phone system as your company grows.

  • Provide administrators with a high level of flexibility so they may customize settings and functionality to suit the requirements of each site or region.

  • Businesses can save money by managing and maintaining fewer phone systems with a centralized solution. The flexibility to hire remote workers can also cut down on the requirement for expensive office space.