Platform Architecture and Operations

Vitel Global's platform is more than just a phone system. It offers a stable, transparent, adaptable, and safe platform.

Take Off
Cloud Phone Services

Very Scalable Platform

Gain access to the more than 45 direct peering connections offered by Vitel's global cloud infrastructure.

Data Center Network

Cloud services are delivered more swiftly and efficiently depending on several variables, including location, availability of backup servers, and the number of data centers. Considering its significance, Vitel Global provides a superior experience.

Control and Personalization

Since more than one company is involved in providing the service, troubleshooting any issue is more challenging. If the service is interrupted for any reason, Vitel's knowledgeable staff works quickly to identify the problem.

The Importance of Location

In general, some areas are more vulnerable to natural disasters than others. However, the locations of our data centers are entirely secure. The backup server is of utmost importance as well. Vitel offers a 99.99 percent network uptime with all of this.

Cloud Phone Feature

Integral Part of VoIP Solutions

Servers, networking hardware, and other hardware are kept in the area where our data center is located. We work hard to offer a dependable, fast platform for VoIP traffic.

Flexibility and optimum data traffic

Our infrastructure technique combines multiple independent physical switches into a single device via a high-speed link using a virtual chassis and a direct-path mechanism.

Cloud Telephony

Highlights of Platform Architecture

  • Data Servers

    The best VoIP services, including call processing, voice messaging, and conferencing with every integration conceivable, are offered by our data servers.

  • The Vitel Global platform is strong enough to handle any unanticipated spikes in activity, regardless of system load.

  • Call recordings and other data are commonly stored in VoIP data centers using storage area networks (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS).

  • Without a doubt! These are essential to prevent the data center equipment from failing or overheating as a result of power interruptions.

  • Vitel Global data centers have reliable backup and recovery solutions in place to guarantee that your company's vital data is safeguarded and can be swiftly restored in the event of a breakdown.