Business Team Messaging and Chat Enhance Conversations

Conversations, file sharing, teamwork, and well-organized task completion are all part of the business.

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Cloud Phone Services

Works with existing applications

Integrate this with the team collaboration software you already employ. Fax, Email, or Pin documents.

Flexible Business Operations

When teams need to cooperate and communicate in real-time, regardless of their physical location, team messaging communication is frequently utilized in giant and remote business environments.

Team Collaboration with Business Messaging

Business communication is comparatively easy. Vitel Global's scalable and secure office phone systems provide easy team collaboration. Group conversations, private messages, video chats, and HD audio conferencing are all supported.

Team Chat with Advanced Features

On a shared network, coworkers can privately chat using the team chat application tool. Video calls, screen sharing, message history, and instant messages are the most popular features.

Cloud Phone Feature

Give your team access to a team chat feature

Improve team communication to ensure efficiency by using real-time chat, screen sharing, and video.

Real-time Conversations at Business Speed

When you have a team chat app, you shouldn't need to search through numerous private messaging services to find a teammate to ask them a quick question.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Business Messaging

  • Real-time communication

    Vitel Global team messaging enables real-time communication among team members, which can increase cooperation and production.

  • Teams can build group chats using business messaging, which can be used to discuss particular projects or subjects.

  • Corporate teams can now share documents and other sorts of digital content with increased collaboration and information sharing.

  • Voice communications can be sent and received via team chat apps, which is more convenient than typing out messages.

  • Mobile integration is available in almost all team messaging programs. Using their cell phones or tablets, team members may communicate while on the go.