Successful cloud operations for business

Have a need for voice video conferencing services? The telepresence system for your company can be designed and installed by Vitel Global.

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Cloud Phone Services

Global Cloud Plans from Vitel

Using a very comprehensive and affordable solution, businesses may get enterprise-grade telephony.

Solutions for Flexible Business

Using any location, make calls. While travelling, take your business phone. Vitel Global softphone app enables you to place and receive calls from a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, home, or business from anywhere you have internet access.

Empower Remote Teams

Increase the overall productivity of your business. The use of Wi-Fi calling capabilities in the right virtual phone systems can help employees focus on their work without being interrupted by other office workers.

Boost Sales and Customer Experience

The use of telepresence and virtual phone systems can improve customer service, which will ultimately increase sales for your business through a variety of channels, including the phone, live chat, video chat, social media, and email.

Cloud Phone Feature

Choose Cloud for Cost Cutting Services

You can significantly reduce maintenance costs, long distance charges, and line costs per user by utilizing VoIP.

Video conferences for any location

To enable everyone to participate in the conversation from any location, Vitel Global Spaces can seamlessly connect remote teams with on-site colleagues.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Cloud Presence

  • Scalable Choice

    Solutions for cloud-based telepresence can be scaled up or down as necessary to meet changing demands.

  • Business phone solutions make it simpler for users to communicate with one another because they can be accessible from any location with an internet connection.

  • Internet-based business phone systems don't need on-site gear or software. As a result, there will be less need for continuing maintenance and support and lower IT costs.

  • Due to their tight security and regulatory requirements, cloud technology is often more secure than on-premises systems.

  • Businesses have access to a variety of collaboration tools that can boost productivity and collaboration within the company, such as screen sharing and document sharing.