Digital messaging

Send text and multimedia communications via mobile devices to customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

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Cloud Phone Services

Every activity on the same platform

Use one business phone number and one app for all voice, fax, text, and multimedia messages.

Marketing and Promotions

They can be employed for marketing and advertising activities, such as sending prospective buyers product photos or videos. Compared to regular SMS, business MMS communications can be more visually attractive and engaging.

Best Part of Communication Strategy

To provide a thorough and efficient communication plan, business SMS and MMS are frequently used in conjunction with other communication technologies, such as email and phone calls.

Alerts and Notifications

Reminders for calls and meetings will help you remember important dates and times. You will also receive email and push notifications when new SMS messages come on your platform.

Cloud Phone Feature

Looking for a certain business message?

Use the powerful search engine to find keywords and read text trails.

Compatible with Every Device

With Vitel Global's desktop and mobile apps, you can send business SMS with simplicity from tablets, PCs, Android, and iOS smartphones.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Business SMS and MMS

  • Convenience

    Communication with customers and clients can be done quickly and easily through messaging. Without the need for a call or email, they enable firms to convey communications immediately.

  • Compared to standard SMS messages, MMS messages can be more interesting. Since they contain multimedia content like photographs and videos. Potential customers can notify you if you distinguish yourself from competing businesses.

  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, and other transactional communications can be sent via business SMS and MMS. Missed appointments or orders may become less likely as a result.

  • Business texting can be a cost-effective method for companies to connect with consumers and clients because it is frequently less expensive than regular phone calls.

  • Messages can be quickly accessed by clients who are traveling since they are likely delivered via mobile devices. Businesses may use this to reach clients from any location and at any time.

  • Include the recipient's name or any other relevant information to personalize the message. This might make the message seem more relevant and personal to the recipient.