A single sign-on

You can now use your corporate credentials to automatically log into your Vitel Global account.

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Security under Your Control

Vitel's single registration functionality makes use of your network's security to give your users a safe way to access the company account.

Further Security Measures

VoIP SSO systems frequently include extra security safeguards, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), to address some of the security requirements and make sure users are who they say they are.

Vitel Global's New Accounts

New users receive an activation email with their temporary password and PIN when they first log in. They will also be advised on how to register with Vitel Global Single to access their new accounts.

Benefits Users and Businesses

VoIP SSO can be advantageous for both users and companies. But it's crucial to implement SSO responsibly and safely. This should be deployed with the proper security measures in place to reduce any potential dangers.

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Technology adapts to Simplicity

Access many work programs and tools by logging in with a single set of confirmed credentials.

Better Employee Experience

Automatic logins that include authentication remove user friction, enhance user experience overall, and promote the use of business apps.

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Benefits of Single Registration

  • Technical Efficiency

    Your staff no longer has to keep track of numerous usernames and passwords thanks to Vitel's SSO. Your IT staff's workload when passwords need to be recovered could be lessened by this capability.

  • Thus, rather than having to remember many passwords, your staff may log in to a VoIP system using a single set of credentials.

  • Password reuse and weak password risk are diminished by using a single set of credentials. Stronger password rules and multi-factor authentication can be implemented thanks to this capability.

  • SSO from Vitel Global can help manage user access to several systems and apps, and it can be especially beneficial for companies with a big number of employees.

  • Users may quickly and simply access the VoIP system using SSO, saving time and effort on logging into several platforms.