Quick Method for Sharing a Number

A phone number can be shared among numerous devices if you run a retail business thanks to the shared lines feature.

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Cloud Phone Services

Cloud-based Scalable Groups creation

You can quickly add a line or phone device to a group from anywhere at any time by using the Vitel Global Web service.

Better Customer Experience Assurance

Your clientele won't call you back again. Any employee with access who is accessible can answer calls placed on the nearest phone.

Team Collaboration

The Shared Lines group uses the same phone number and Caller ID for all calls, which improved team communication.

Tailored for Small Businesses

Over time, this technology has gained more and more popularity, especially among small business owners. As a result, several ISPs and VoIP companies have adopted the functionality.

Cloud Phone Feature

Better Customer Service

A toll-free number may be shared among multiple phones at once.

Shared Call Appearance

With the Shared Call Appearance function, you may now link more than one device to your user account.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Shared Lines Feature

  • Constant Appearance

    The shared call appearance enables you to share a single VoIP business phone number across several devices. In this way, whichever PBX device is being used to dial calls, the visual representation remains the same.

  • It is possible to put calls on hold within a store and pick them up later from a different device.

  • Simple phone operations don't necessitate an understanding of technical phone characteristics.

  • You can exchange calls and lines among your phone devices and accept incoming calls on any phone.

  • Ideal for chains of mid-sized restaurants, mid-sized retail outlets, and grocery stores.