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We all understand that for the past few decades, every corporate organization has utilized an on-site Private Branch Exchange. However, this is no longer true with the introduction of cloud computing. With Vitel Global Communications, your corporate communications will advance.

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Cloud Phone Services

Take a look at cloud communications

Businesses can compete in the new virtual workplace by utilizing cutting-edge PBX features like flexible mobile integrations, business SMS, and screen-sharing online meetings.

Virtual PBX is more secure

On-premises PBX does offer some level of protection because it is physically under the control of skilled IT personnel or service firm suppliers. In this situation, a security breach or natural disaster could affect your phone system. A virtual PBX eliminates these risks.

Increase your ROI

Cloud PBX is so simple, there are no additional fees. Hiring outside vendors or qualified IT personnel has no associated costs. The entire system can be handled by Vitel Global online without the requirement for specialist certificates.

Remote working Ability

Employees can connect and disconnect calls using the board number or their direct line regardless of the device they use, including a desk phone, personal or business smartphone, a desktop, or their home phone.

Cloud Phone Feature

The multitasking interface is available.

Cloud PBX offers greater flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and dependability, making it a desirable alternative for modern businesses of all sizes.

Communicate and connect with Multiple Locations

Connecting all the employees under one roof through multiple location access through various connecting features.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Cloud Pbx

  • Scalability

    Scaling up or down is simple depending on your company's needs. Businesses that encounter seasonal swings in call volume or those that are growing may find this to be beneficial.

  • Compared to conventional phone systems, you have a reduced total cost of ownership. Affordable national and international calls, lowering maintenance costs, and there are no upfront hardware charges.

  • Employees can operate remotely from any location with an internet connection using cloud PBX. For companies with dispersed teams or multiple locations, this can be a huge assistance.

  • In comparison to conventional phone systems, it is more dependable and has a higher uptime. Because to guarantee uninterrupted service, it uses several data centers and redundant networks.

  • You can use a variety of cutting-edge features and tools, like call recording, voicemail to email, call forwarding and auto-attendants. These characteristics enhance the consumer experience while boosting efficiency and productivity.