Have a simple schedule for your business operations.

Direct calls to your company's main line, extensions, and mailboxes can be reached through various methods in the answering methods section.

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Cloud Phone Services

Work easily with Call Routing

You can route the calls using various answering policies for each of your company's many numbers.

Customize your Answering Methods

To direct calls from family members or important clients to a personal mobile phone, use customized answering rules. Otherwise, send any additional calls to voicemail.

Flexible Routing Schedule

Calls can be directed to one agent on specific weekdays and to a different agent during the remaining days of the week when they are directed to your sales department.

Allow Selective People to reach you

Your Vitel Global number can be made available to a small group of people 24/7, including on weekends and during non-business hours. All incoming calls can be simultaneously sent to voicemail or another phone number using a separate method.

Cloud Phone Services

Rules for Call Routing and Answering

Access a range of choices for your primary number, extensions, and departments, as well as sophisticated call-routing services.

Flexibility in Call Management

You can make and manage answering rules at any time using any web-enabled computer or device.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Answering Methods and Call Routing

  • Automatic Call Routing

    Have calls automatically forwarded to any phone worldwide

  • Provide separate working hours for each employee and department, and when necessary, establish unique rules for answering.

  • Establish guidelines for after-hours calls that will send them to a different number, your home phone, voicemail, or another location.

  • Create unique messages for significant occasions, holidays, and vacations on the indicated dates.

  • This functionality makes it feasible to maintain different company names or follow specific marketing initiatives.