Messages alert notifications

You can receive voice and fax notifications using Vitel Global's message alerts service via email, text message alerts, or through the Vitel Global softphone application.

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An individual notification system

Message alerts can be used to receive notifications on your computer or mobile device, ensuring that you never miss a critical business message.

Identify through Caller ID

Caller ID is used in call notifications to let you know when an important contact calls your business phone system. This service will email you when specific phone numbers call your business lines.

Notifications to VIPs

Receive a notification whenever an important or potential client calls your company phone. It's an excellent way to provide white-glove service without making an additional effort.

Reliable Service

Receive an email notification with all the caller's information, including name, phone number, call time and date, and number dialed.

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Monitoring and Reviewing

Fax transmissions are simple to monitor, and you can quickly review all communication history by using call log alerts.

Personalized Notification Options

For each type of notification, you can define unique email addresses and SMS message numbers in advanced settings.

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Benefits of Message Alerts

  • Improved communication

    Users that receive message notifications are better able to respond promptly and effectively since they are always aware of new messages.

  • Users may remain on top of their communications with the help of this notification feature without constantly checking their voicemail or email. By doing this, productivity is increased and time is saved.

  • Notifications can be tailored to the user's preferences. Users have the option of setting up various notification settings for various contacts or limiting notifications to only certain messages.

  • Remote entry is possible. Even when they are away from the workplace, users can still receive and reply to communications.

  • A VoIP system's standard features frequently include message alerts. The cost of this functionality is not additional for businesses.