Flexible Calling through Audio Conferencing

You may hold immediate conference calls at any time and from any location with Vitel Global Conferencing.

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Dial Central Conferencing Line to Join

By dialing into a central conference line, participants can hear and communicate with anyone else on the line.

Business Meetings Made Easy

The audio conference line is constantly accessible and prepared. Because a call does not need to be scheduled or reserved, it is perfect for bringing people together for talks. Simply dial the dial-in number for the audio conference bridge.

You can Host Unlimited Conferences

Any user can arrange audio conference calls at any time with up to 1,000 participants. Give your participants more premium or toll-free numbers so that your commercial chances can grow.

Connect with the teams on multiple devices

Even if you are in different locations, you and your team can still use Vitel Global conference calls from any computer, desk phone, or mobile device. If you choose, you can move between devices even while the conference is in progress.

Cloud Phone Feature

One touch conferencing

No need to keep track of the host access code using your phone. A conference can be started with a single tap.

Invite the Team in Multiple Ways

Sending someone an email or SMS text message allows you to invite them fast and effortlessly. The dial-in information appears automatically in the invitations.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Audio Conferencing

  • Time and cost savings

    Traveling less while saving time and money is possible with cloud-based audio conferencing. Businesses who must communicate with partners or customers who are located far away may benefit from this.

  • With an internet connection, one can use business phone audio conferencing from any location. Participants can access it easily and at their convenience. Meetings can be planned and run more efficiently.

  • There are no constraints. You can use a variety of gadgets to access the call, including desktop and laptop computers, cellphones, and tablets. So, join meetings using whichever device is most practical for them.

  • Participants can converse more successfully during audio conferences since they can hear each other clearly. This could raise the general level of business communication quality.

  • VoIP audio conferencing can really be more interesting than conventional audio-only conferencing. Participants may hear each other's speech tones and reactions, which improves engagement.