Irrespective of your staff monitor your current location

Due to your presence, you have strategic visibility into your teammates' and any designated admins' phone statuses.

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Cloud Phone Services

Modern Applications

Desk phones frequently contain this built-in call presence feature so that administrative assistants and other watchers can determine the status of a phone number for professional purposes.

Mobile Presence

By downloading and installing a Cloud-based softphone app on your smartphone, you may stay in touch with coworkers and employees who are connected to your business phone system. Using an app, you can make and receive calls, send instant messages, and take part in conference calls.

Facilitates & Promotes Remote Work Culture

On mobile devices, it makes sense to find this call presence information. Managers can now monitor all incoming calls, agent status, and more with the help of cloud call center software. This degree of control allows supervisors to monitor calls or join them as necessary.

Avoid Guessing! Gather the Facts Logically

With real-time presence information for the targeted phone lines, guesswork is eliminated. A phone extension's or a business phone line's status is shown. The call/phone presence feature gives you a fast glance at the status of the line, including whether it is busy, ringing, or unavailable.

Cloud Phone Feature

Use advanced cloud technology to your advantage.

No matter if you are using your desk phone, a mobile app, or a softphone, your coworkers can now easily see your presence status, which is either Available, Invisible, or Do Not Disturb.

Foster a culture of remote work for your team while saving money.

Phone presence gives managers a high level of control by monitoring and joining calls as necessary by allowing them to see all live calls, agent status, and supervisor tools.

Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Omni presence