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It is well known that Cloud phone systems offer various benefits. Simultaneously, you may occasionally experience dropped calls for some reason. In this blog, let us discuss the common causes and easy solutions to prevent phone call drops in your cloud phones. Before that, have a hovered glance at what this problem means.

Call Drop – Definition:

A call drop is a very familiar scenario to everyone as it occurs if your phone connected to the telecom network is cut off before intended. There is a chance that these call drops result from poor network coverage.

When managing a business, it is useful if you have specific knowledge of this problem and the solutions to fix it. We try to provide this information because more businesses are switching to cloud phone systems. 

Cloud phones connect callers through the internet. Dropped cloud calls might be a cause of problems regarding your router, or it may be due to an unstable internet connection. Now, let us walk through some common reasons that cause phone call drops.

Causes for Call Drops:

As the functionality of cloud telephones is pretty straightforward, connecting via the internet and Wi-Fi issues could complicate the phone network, which is one of the prevalent causes of cloud calls dropping. Probably, you may have issues with mobile coverage. Find the common difficulties and their solutions below.

Geographical Blockages:

Your cloud calls drop because physical obstructions like buildings, trees, or other large objects prevent the network signals from receiving. For instance, when you attempt to connect from a closed room, underground location, or parking lot, you face this call drop issue.

To get out of this, try to move to higher ground. However, it is better to consider getting a signal booster for your cellular signal.

Distant from a mobile tower: 

It’s possibly a valid reason for the call drop issue, especially if you are too far from the nearest mobile tower. In the present day, the majority of network providers offer coverage of a good range in kilometers. Yet, the call quality can suffer outside of this range.

You can solve this by being alert. Install a mobile app to determine your cellular connection’s coverage area and range. Then, try to stick to the area of the building where it is strongest. Alternatively, one can also use Wi-Fi calling.

A packed region:

There are certain instances when a phone tower gets a lot of traffic. At such events, your phone association with the network could get intruded on. This causes dropped calls in cloud phones. This happens especially if you use software with a lot of bandwidth or, at times, the network has many users beyond the user limit.

With availability, Wi-Fi is the right answer to such network congestion. You can get better call quality by connecting to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Also, you can use the app provided by your Cloud phone provider.

Issues with App Settings:

Suppose your application settings, such as information authorizations, are wrongly set. There will be issues with your cloud phone. One more possibility of a call drop here is that your operating system on the device is out of date.

Solve this issue by verifying the permissions for data, and other settings are properly selected. Also, always keep your operating system updated.

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Tips to avoid Call Drop issues:

Network Issues: 

Look for the problems related to the network. The best cloud service providers will notify you beforehand if they think there are problems with the network connection. You can solve this by resetting the network or sometimes by restarting your softphone application at times of such issues. The receiver’s internet connection could also be the reason for this.

App Settings:

Are there any issues with the app? Cloud-based phone calls can face call drops because of issues with the app when settings are not properly aligned with your needs. The result of this is; when you’re on the phone call, these wrong settings will cause it to crash. Hence, resetting your browser and device can help you come out of this.

Internet Speed:

Cloud-based phone solutions rely entirely on the internet to work. To enjoy premium quality services, you need high-speed internet. Therefore, ensure that your internet speed is adequate because a weak Wi-Fi connection is the most common cause of call drops in cloud phone systems. In case you use an unsecure public Wi-Fi network, issues usually arise. There are cases when it occurs at home or office. Then, check your internet speed, and if it is not up to the level, upgrade your plan.

Ethernet is safe:

So, it is better to switch to an Ethernet connection. Sometimes, we do not know the reason for the issues and frequently encounter Wi-Fi issues. Then, it might be the right time to install an Ethernet connection. Although Ethernet connections may appear outdated. But regarding functionality, they are significantly more reliable and show minimal speed fluctuations while you work.

Router Issues:

First of all, displace your router, which is in a corner or is obstructed by a large object. Now, check the speed of your internet connection by carefully moving your router around in your home or office, checking for the network at the same time. Otherwise, get a Wi-Fi extender if you work far from the router.

The next thing is to reboot the router, you can almost get rid of any electronic issue by turning off and restarting it back; cloud phone devices are not an exception. Rebooting the router can deactivate system bugs and resolve the overheating issue in seconds.

Contacting your ISP (internet service provider)

Unfortunately, taking all of the above precautions did not solve the problem of calls dropping. You must contact your internet service provider. Otherwise, you can opt to switch providers if they do not appear interested in responding promptly or if they cannot resolve the persisting issue.


A company’s relationships with its customers and clients will be more effective through essential business communication. But due to the problems such as call drops in the middle of a conversation, any business can take the risk of losing a lead or even a loyal customer. Therefore, if you encounter a problem with the network, you should have an idea about how to fix them.

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Published: December 26th, 2022

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