Major things to keep in the notice before attending an online meetings

After the influence of the global pandemic, it is not a wonder to believe that the entire operating system of businesses has changed and has taken a whole new face. It is a real asset to remote workers. Apart from professional meetings, cloud-based business communications are the curtain-raiser to many online events.

Nowadays, there are many people looking to meet new people at online events. If you are one of them, you should follow some essential things beforehand.

It is a fact that online events are getting increasingly popular today. Because they allow people from every part of the world to connect and interact with each other and share ideas. In fact, we call them virtual meetings or webinars. These events usually last between 30 minutes to sometimes several hours.

Now, in this blog, we will share some tips so that you can take notes before attending such an event and perform well.

Importance of Online Meetings:

Most administrators know that online gatherings merit the venture and bring up many advantages. Online conferences’ basic advantage is that they reduce travel expenses and the time required to gather people into the office as it facilitates participation from a distance.

Another important advantage is that it can provide a complete record of the meeting without any omissions.

It is simple to share information with the entire team, which can reduce the need for unnecessary repetitions of meetings. It is also a unified communication solution that facilitates instantaneous and dependable communication with partners or customers worldwide.

Choice of Correct Online Meeting Format:

It is very crucial to correctly choose an online meeting format that works best for your schedule. Basically, we have 2 types of online ones.

Audio-only meetings:

Suppose you don’t need the internet, screen sharing, or video; then a standalone audio meeting is ideal for quick sessions. During your meeting, the object is only to inform and discuss a few things, talk about important company news with a directive about a new way of doing things. Here, you can note the people in the gathering and record the call for future reference or follow-up.

Video conferencing: 

If your online meeting consists of a dispersed group of people/team or a virtual face-to-face with a client/interview, video conferencing suits the need. Also, video conferencing can strengthen communication and reduce misinterpreting nuances and tone to improve rapport and trust among participants.

Leading an Online Meeting:

Here is the game changer! It is crucial to recognize the best individual to drive a gathering. For this task, it is better to choose an organized person that must be a natural speaker who can effectively lead a meeting. Because delegating responsibility is the key to a successful online meeting. If there is a recording error, there is a possibility to encourage your host to delegate specific tasks. The delegate will handle the Q&A portion and maintain a written list of highlights in the online meetings.

The Ideal Time to Meet Online:

Now, the time of the meeting determines the availability of the participants. Therefore it is important to pick the best time for meetings to get people to attend there. Probably, a preferable time is the middle of the week when most of the members are available. Simultaneously, please be sure to account for people who are in different time zones.

To ensure the success of the meeting, particularly telephony with cloud PBX is the option preferred by many companies worldwide. However, it is better to send reminders and ample notice in advance so that you can encourage participation in a meeting. Also, make the purpose of your online meetings clear and when you expect it to begin and end.

Suitable Place for an Online Meeting:

Look for a quiet room with your equipment and a blank wall should be a backdrop. This is ideal for an online meeting. Encourage the participants in the meeting to locate a quiet location and turn off their microphones while they are not speaking. Keep in mind that attendees may be arriving at your meeting.

Guiding a Successful Online Meeting:

All online meetings are similar to a meeting from a home or remote workstation, a business location in a different time zone, a hotel, an airport, or even another international location.

To guide your online meeting, it is important to develop a concise agenda. Once you determine the goals of the meeting, it is good to divide the session into segments. Prepare your notes in advance to decide how to organize and convey the information.

Online Meetings

Follow the Below Points for a Great Presentation:

Use a PPT slideshow to highlight points, but it does not mean reading it literally. The information should be focused and on track. Make sure that no distractions or interruptions could disrupt the meeting’s flow. When the meeting concludes, encourage the participation of the rest of the members through a structured Q&A session.

Don’t forget to send a follow-up email to all participants after the meeting. In the mail, you must describe the key highlights of the session including any decisions or conclusions you have made. In addition to that mail, send a recording or transcript of the call.

So, this is the plan to organize and carry out a successful and engaging video conferencing session. 

Till now, we have gone through the elements that you have to do to generate a good online meeting. Now, let us go through the don’ts; 

Do not Do these While Conducting an Online Meeting:

Mute yourself or reduce the background noise because it may disturb others. Because it is a good habit to mute yourself when you’re not talking so that the other people in the room get distracted due to the unwanted noises.

For example, sounds while typing, children playing around, a siren in the street, or other distractions can disturb the meeting. While speaking occasionally, do use the mute button whenever someone else speaks. Try your best to reduce background noise before the conversation begins.

Body Languages and Gestures:

It is a benefit in a video meeting, especially where you can also use gestures and other body language cues to reinforce your message, but do not overdo it. Also, do not completely rely on body language to make your point. On a video call, these wide movements can create unnecessary distractions than in a face-to-face conversation. Of course, you should move but at the same time, make an effort to keep your movements to a minimum. 

For example, if you’re pointing to a chart placed behind you, you should say which chart you’re pointing to. Never assume everyone will look at your presentation. You can only be sure that some people are looking at the screen. Therefore, repeat the statement verbally whenever you perform a particular action.


Not much to say but we want to give more tips to make your view more engaging in an online video meeting. Make sure there is a light facing you but the light should not be too bright. Bright lights can make the image look burnt. Check the frame if you fit before starting the session and the participants will be fairly impressed. 

Organizations prefer cloud-based business communication with advanced calling features. Vitel Global is the leading communication partner of many firms globally and we have made business communications as hybrid learning with all one app.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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Why are Unified Communications Unparalleled?

Unified Communications as a Service


In the present day, Unified Communications make it possible to collaborate and allow us to carry on with day-to-day operations efficiently. Communication is the most important pillar of any business. Because it is the only medium to keep your customers and employees connected to ensure that you provide excellent service.

Along with the upcoming trends, unified communication solutions are quickly becoming an essential component of an organization’s IT strategy.

If remote working becomes the norm and employees are more geographically dispersed than ever, having a reliable communication system is crucial to your business. We cannot overstate the necessity of real-time interaction, even if virtual via a video call, and the ability to bring various departments together for a weekly update.

Technology Assessment:

Before deploying anything new even if it is a good source, you must assess how far it is useful to you. 

There are times when you might not get the efficiency you need if you rely on Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technology which is a revolutionary technology. Clients are utilized to a scope of various special techniques, including texting, voice calls, FaceTime, or web-based entertainment. 

When talking about unified communications, many other features along with the above must be incorporated into your communications systems. In fact, an all-in-one service is cited as a crucial factor by more than half of the total purchasers of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Let’s start with a brief definition of unified communications:

In short, Unified Communications is the newest technology today, connecting all of a company’s communication channels. In this, every calling feature, such as Voice, email, SMS, instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio are typically included.

Going into the past two decades, when the capabilities were limited, the term “unified communications” was coined. However, when businesses started incorporating IP networks into their environments, which made it possible for them to transmit voice. Next to that, UC rapidly developed into VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Unified Communications Vs Traditional Phone System:

Gradually, businesses started to move away from wired PBX handsets towards software-driven solutions. This is how it all started with VoIP solutions. These software-driven solutions quickly evolved into some of the popular platforms we see today, such as Microsoft Teams (example).

Nowadays, unified communications have become an essential component of a company’s digital marketing strategy. Finding a hosted voice system can unify all communications across a business. It will assist organizations in future-proofing their infrastructure in light of the discontinuation of its ISDN and PSTN lines.

Components that make Unified Communications Solutions:

In a cloud-based PBX with VoIP IP phones (including cameras and microphones), a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) enables multiple users to Video conference. It has a sleek user interface and can connect all the channels to enhance the user experience. It also contains voice and text applications and social networking tools that make collaboration easier. Besides all the features mentioned above, web conferencing features for virtual meetings are the biggest asset of UCaaS and are helpful for every business sector.

Unified Communications

Here are the Benefits of Unified Communications:

If you want to evaluate, refine, and revise your unified communications strategies, you must ensure each of the following is taken into account beforehand. Unified communications’ full potential can be tapped in this manner.

  1. The Magic of the Cloud:

The way we conduct business is fundamentally revamped by cloud systems. Whether yours is a large-scale company or a start-up, cloud solutions can protect your information and are readily available to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, UCaaS offers cost-effective packages tailored to meet your specific requirements. Because integrated communication presents your business with versatility.

It is to understand that cloud-based unified communications tools are remotely accessible and frequently updated to keep up with the most upgraded technological trends. They integrate as mentioned above. To stay up to date, you don’t need to be in your office.

Businesses are able to concentrate on their core competencies instead of worrying about technology. To grab the most of the UCaaS is to utilize it for better productivity in any business.

2. Make Conversations; your Marketing Tool:

At the end of the day, every incredible business victory implies certain people. We are standing in the people’s business no matter what the product is! 

We employ people and even clients are real people. In simple terms, whatever you do, people are involved in it. Hence, it is natural that people converse and you can make your business people-centric with a well-crafted unified communications strategy. It can make deeply conversational business processes, productivity, and efficiency possible.

3. UCaaS Collaborations can Outrun every other Communication Source:

There is a problem for many departments in the business sector regarding their requirement fulfillment. Employees in the past used to reach out for other options because they were simple to learn and readily available. Employees utilize non-sanctioned technology tools like instant messaging apps and file-sharing solutions.

However, with a comprehensive, unified communications strategy, this should only sometimes happen. After all, your team has no reason to go for other options. Because UCaaS can provide them with simple options for completing their work and communicating with one another.

This new technology offers many advanced calling features that can customize in turn. Also, it can collaborate and integrate with any new software with no problems. When your unified communications strategy meets all your business requirements, your business operation becomes better with all the essential requirements met.

4. Grow Beyond Imagination:

As you are aware, unified communications can encompass much more than voice calls. You receive an envelope filled with instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and video conferencing options. These are just a few essential ones of the many other options for working together and having fun.

In addition, UCaaS can help your employees engage with each other at all levels with a well-organized plan. Your business will benefit from the collaboration that follows.

5. Customer Experience is the Criteria:

It is a long discussion about unified communications and its benefits to the business but please notice that it involves more than just internal focus. Your customer base is also affected.

Because customer experience is something that can make a business successful or fail. Whether your business deals in B2B or B2C, customers will be happier if they can get in touch with your support staff more easily. A significant component of that is your unified communications strategy.

“The customer experience is the most important factor in determining whether a customer will continue doing business with a brand.”

The Bottom Line:

We hope that you already have a UCaaS system with a complete plan of how to move forward with it toward success. But keep examining often and try to match it with the current business and customer trends. In point of fact, you must revisit it on a regular basis to ensure that you are still addressing every issue.

But of course! You could theoretically do that on your own, but working with a unified communications professional is going to be the best way to review and revise. If you consider contacting a consultant for additional expertise.

Vitel Global is equipped with an expert team for the same, and we are just a call away to reach out. We promise the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

Remember that your UCaaS strategy is only going to get better than before with our expert insights!

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What is Enterprise?

What is Enterprise?

An enterprise is commonly called an organization or a company. Despite this, the word Enterprise is generally referred to entrepreneurial people who venture to attain success.

Types of Enterprise

Below are some common types of enterprises we generally come across.

Sole Proprietorship: 

Only a single person runs an enterprise. All the capital belongs to the same individual, he will be responsible for any profit or loss that results from the business operations. There is no distinction between the owner and the firm legally. The income obtained from the business is considered the individual’s personal income. Though we do not recommend, a sole proprietor can merge his personal and business assets if needed.

Business Corporation:

There are multiple individuals operating a profit entity. Corporations are generally a collaboration multiple people with different percentages of capital investments. Mostly, corporations are subject to lawsuits.

Under the vision of the judiciary system, a business corporation is similar to an individual. It can borrow, take loans, sue, be sued, pay taxes or hire employees. Also, some business corporations have their own assets too. For this reason, corporations are called “legal persons”. 

Corporations generally have a shared goal and they do not always work to make profits out of their services. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a corporation is a different entity from its owners and the shareholders do not take any personal responsibility for the company’s debts. 


A partnership is similar to a corporation which contains 2 or more individuals who share the ownership. It does not have its own distinct legal entity. A partnership firm is starts with a clear motive to share profits. For this to be carried out, a partnership business strictly needs a business contract.

How can you Set-up an Enterprise?

Establishing an enterprise/company has a few basic steps or consider them as stages to perform it better. Any business idea is to produce a product or a service to gain profit. For that to move on progressively, it is required to plan through certain stages. 

  1. Before Production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production

Before Production Stage:

Planning to establish an enterprise, you must choose what form of business organization you want to plan even from a legal perspective also. You must validate the pros and cons before setting it. Next to that, you must make the product choice whether you have adequate resources for production and if there is a future demand for it. 

An approximation is an art in the business world. Anticipating product requirements in the future can give you a great insight into what product you have to produce and how much? Also, you might transform your production to similar products with your business awareness and marketing skills.

The location of your manufacturing unit is crucial as it can create problems if it is the wrong one for production. Suppose, you cannot locate a manufacturing unit in the residential area as it might lay certain limitations to your production… 

Production Stage:

This is a call to check with the raw materials, sourcing, and machinery. One must also check the transporting expenses for a better profit estimation. Apart from this, infrastructure becomes crucial as it cannot be ignored. Your production needs a systematic arrangement in the flow of raw materials and final products to establish an uninterrupted production plant.

The building hiring charges, water, and power supply are seamless expenses that might not be proper. Besides, miscellaneous expenses need space in the capital amount. 

One should have a clear idea of how to share the capital amount on requirements. The above basic needs are essential and they should not face a shortage. It might lead to a break in the workflow and demotivate your staff.

Post Production Stage:

Marketing your product is always a challenge after production. An effective marketing plan is what makes your product reach the public. The pricing for marketing is usually high and needs a creative plan for success. The plan for shipping transport of the product is another challenge so that you can satisfy your customers. 

Marketing is the ultimate art of business. Most of the time, certain businesses have to spend an amount more than what is invested for production. Your marketing expenses depend on the estimated number of targeted customers and the extent of the location you want to handle.


The taxation process is different for all the 3 types of enterprises above. Any profit out of a proprietorship business is legally the personal income of the individual and the taxation depends on the difference between profit and expenses. But, as a corporation is a legal person and it works towards a shared goal, its rights and responsibilities are similar to that of an individual.

A partnership business relies on a legal contract. Its taxation happens with respect to the judicial system.

Vitel Global Communications for Business:

As every business needs a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) for the best operational abilities and expected productivity. Partnerships and business corporations deploy CRM integrations as a part of their production as well as customer service. We suggest choosing Voice over Internet Protocol communication systems for better results


As the above information is brief information about how to establish an enterprise and a few ways to handle a business, the goal of a business is always to engage in generating revenue.

Profit generation: One must carefully plan their finances to ensure the cash flow to complete their debts and loans. A non-stop money rotation is the symbol of a good business establishment. The goal is to generate profit and out of all the cash flow, one must be smart enough to extract the profit for his/her livelihood as well as any added investment to move the business forward.

Understanding the needs of businesses of all sizes, VitelGlobal has come up with cost-saving plans tailored by our technical experts.

VitelGlobal promises the highest uptime simple system administration and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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How Vitel Global Business Phone System is Improving Business Efficiency?

How Vitel Global Business Phone System is Improving Business Efficiency?

Business Phone System

When it comes to the efficient communication for any organization, the Vitel Global business phone system is the best option you can opt-in for. Vitel Global phone system is well-known for its efficient data and voice services as it helps to enhance the communication between companies and customers.

Some of the excellent services that the Vitel Global business phone system provides are Unified Communication (UCaaS) and also smooth video conferencing. All these services help to enhance the efficiency of a business in several ways, such as improved productivity and customer service, improved communication between employees and customers, improved sales, and also advanced features. Also, it is very advisable and necessary for businesses to have a modern phone system like Vitel Global as it will help to provide efficient communication.

Here are the ways in which the Vitel Global phone system is improving organizational efficiency

Improved business phone Communication between company and customers

Vitel Global business phone system is well-known for providing improved communication that will enhance the relationship between the company and customers. This helps to provide business efficiency since it allows the phone system to be connected to a similar network as other businesses. This will, however, increase the effectiveness of a network and also prevent the necessity of using two different data networks.

Cloud phone system can provide a particular company with top-notch voice telephone, cabling, and also software as these will help to ascertain that the system is operating perfectly. The end result of all these is that it will give room for more productivity.

Improving Collaboration

One of the vital importance of using the Vitel Global phone system is that it helps to improve collaboration among employees. Instead of necessitating the workers to dial into a different VoIP video conferencing, they can all be connected to just a single network. This will enable all workers or staff to participate in audio and video conferencing in just a single call session. These calls can be done on any smartphone or PC when connected to the internet.

More sales and better customer service

The parts of a business that relies on an efficient phone system are customer service, sales department, and technical department. However, the Phone system has perfect features that will meet up the necessary standards needed by these departments.

In Conclusion 

One of the best decisions you can make is by using Vitel Global phone system. As mentioned earlier, this phone system provides unrivaled services that will help improve the efficiency of your business, thereby, resulting in more sales and productivity. Phone system is needed for improving your business efficiency, as it offers features such as audio and video conferencing, group messaging, voice call recording, and lots more.

You can increase the efficiency of your business communications with the greatest and most effective phone service, and watch your company develop at a faster rate.

Vitel Global business Communication has created cutting-edge digital solutions based on artificial intelligence technology.

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Why you need to replace traditional VoIP office phone with Cloud PBX Phone system?

Why you need to replace traditional VoIP office phone with Cloud PBX Phone system?

Introduction of VoIP Phone

Day by day technology is changing and making life easier, flexible, and more comfortable, in a similar way there has been a huge, tremendous, and revolutionary change in the communications world. The first revolution was brought through the analog phone systems implemented in the business and personal communications but later the advanced communication technology VoIP has changed the face of every business from small to big organizations.

There are many VoIP phone systems available in the market, but we suggest our readers have a glance at our VITEL GLOBAL VoIP phone system in detail. One must consider factors like features, plans, benefits integrated with the VITEL GLOBAL VoIP phone system mentioned in this article:

First, let us look out the features integrated with our VoIP phone system:

    • Highly secured
    • Flexible
    • Easy texting
    • Conference calls
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Affordable plans
    • Auto-attendant
    • Mobile app integration
    • centralized device control
    • Fast installation setup
    • Cloud control
    • No hardware is required
    • Efficient client interaction
    • Scalable

VITEL GLOBAL’s VoIP phone system helps your business achieve unique solutions through our business communications solutions.

    • Call recordings
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Easy integrations
    • Access from any device
    • Call forwarding
    • Complete portability
    • Higher scalability
    • Advanced features
    • Supports multitasking.

Role of VITEL GLOBAL in increasing the productivity of small businesses:


Customize your analog phone system to a cloud-based phone system or VITEL GLOBAL phone system meeting your demands.


No dependencies on your manual staff as everything is automated.


Maintain data backup in the servers that can be retrieved whenever required.


No data redundancies issues are raised as the data is stored, maintained, and saved automatically.


Get rid of costly telephone bills.


Connect your clients across the globe through audio, video conferencing, screen sharing, online faxing for easy collaboration on a single platform using softphones or laptops, or desktops.


Integrate VITEL GLOBAL with your existing system applications like CRM, customer software support, and billing that helps to retrieve data as per requirement.


Vitel Global virtual phone system is available at an affordable cost integrated with flexible plans and zero investment in hardware equipment as it is operated on the cloud.


VITEL GLOBAL designed its virtual phone system with advanced features to collaborate with your team easily accesses and operated on both either on-site or cloud basis.


Today the pandemic situation is demanding and forcing organizations to work from home but still attaining and fulfilling 100% of work tasks because of the proven communication tool delivered by the VITEL GLOBAL phone system.


We deliver 24/7 customer support to our clients to resolve issues from software, hardware, or any technical-related.


You can easily set up the phone service, add end users, maintain, and manage personal dashboards.


Monitors monitor call data, call quality, costs incurred, customer satisfaction, and other criteria.

VITEL GLOBAL promises every business area irrespective of size, for delivering modernized, flexible, cost-effective communication solutions that are unique to reach out to your clients or employees of your organization leading you to the path of success giving outstanding profits.

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