What You Need to Know About Making Successful Business Phone Calls

Business Phone Calls

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The first step to making a successful business phone calls are having a well defined purpose. A good way to do this would be to plan what you want to accomplish during the conversation and identify any goals you may have for the call. Keeping your agenda in mind, vow not to take your frustrations out on anybody on the other side of the line. As tempting as it may be, don’t try to solve all of your problems and frustrations over the phone.

Phone manners are important for all of us, whether we work in sales or customer service, in an office or from home. While the rules may be different when you make business calls from your cell phone, these tips work for both landlines and cellular phones . And no matter how you make your calls, remember to consider the person on the other side of the conversation a person just like you who also wants to get his or her tasks done.

It’s not easy to stay calm on the phone with rude customers, difficult co-workers, or unreasonable vendors. But no matter what you do for a living, how well you interview a candidate or talk to your boss over the phone has an impact on your success and happiness. That’s why we’ve created this blog post all about how to make successful business phone calls.

Making a successful business call can involve many different techniques and tactics.

Business Phone Calls Include These Easy-To-Remember Steps:

Assume the person you are calling is not your contact. This means they will probably ask you to

  • Tell them who you are,
  • Explain what your company does, and
  • Tell them what the phone call is about. Be prepared for this by practicing communicating with people who don’t know who you are in order to get comfortable with the process.

Come prepared with your strengths. Know who you are, know what you have to offer, and know what your biggest pain points are for the person you’ll be calling. If it’s a client opportunity, know specifically how the person you are calling using business phones service can benefit from your services or products. You will want to put them in a position where they’ll be excited about working with or buying from you.

Take less than 30 seconds from feeling nervous to feeling really comfortable (preferably less than 10 seconds). This is hard to do, but it’s important because if you do a great job of “getting on the phone,” no matter how nervous you are, your caller will ask for you. If you don’t get comfortable quickly enough, then you’ll need to go through that process all over again.

Express Positive Feeling

Show them you are happy to have them buy from or hire from you by meaningfully thanking them for their time by the end of your call. If you do this, they will feel as if they are your best customer, and that’s good for everyone!

Get on the phone fast. Don’t delay the call by waiting for “the right time.” While on the phone, any time you can use a script to check in with your caller is valuable.

Ask if your caller has anyone there with them. If so, get their name and some other contact information. If not then ask if they are expecting any calls or if they want you to hold or do anything while they talk with someone else. This is particularly useful in situations where your client is on the phone with you but their non-tech person will be calling them back later and needs their contact info right now.

What You Need To Know About Making Successful Business Phone Calls

Your work mostly depends on your phone calls. If you have trouble making these calls, it is likely that your company will suffer because of it. But there are steps you can take to improve your success with your business phone service.

These tips are tried and true, and they’ll help you improve your chance of making a successful call by understanding how people respond to the information on the other end of the line.

That’s why we put together this handy post all about what you need to know about making successful phone calls – complete with tips on how to be clear, decisive, and professional over the phone. Read up, and you’ll be a phone-calling pro in no time!

Be Focused and Pay Attention

Make sure that you’re paying attention when you have a phone call! Otherwise, you may miss the deal – or lose out on valuable work opportunities.

Don’t Hang Up With Something Left Undone

At least twice in the past month, you have to follow up with people because you may have a risk of losing them as a client if you don’t quickly get back to them and fix whatever was wrong with their submission.

My point here is that you never know when you’ll have to follow up. And sometimes it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Send’ button and accidentally leaving some final point hanging and incomplete.

Always Speak With Confidence and Decisiveness

You probably don’t want to boss people around on the phone, so try to project a tone of confidence and professionalism (so that you don’t sound like an annoying salesperson). It was what we were working on together.

Focus on The Way of Communication

Improve your conversation skills by thinking in terms of “asks” and “answers.” Think about what you want the person to do or say next. Then make the next question or comment that will cause that to happen. Also, make sure you have a good idea of the length of time you have during the phone call.

Maintain Clarity

Always have a clear sense of what you want to get out of the phone call in terms of “asks” or “responses.” Be aware that if your caller is making an offer and if they don’t know why they are making it, then they probably don’t want to do it.


Phone calls are one of the most common business-related events, yet so few people seem to know how to make them successful. The thing is, you have a much better chance of getting the deal or getting what you want if you’ve got better phone manners and are more convincing on the line. Hope you have noted down the simple tips and techniques using business phone solutions towards success.

Published: March 3rd, 2023

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